ATR suggests MalwareBytes as the perfect companion to your existing antivirus software and security protocols ... we call it the 1-2 punch! 
When partnered with your antivirus software, the pair can stop up to 99% of the virus', worms, Trojans, malware, spyware, adware and much more, from entering your computer!!!
Keep Your Computer Safe with MalwareBytes!
As a partner of MalwareBytes, we have the opportunity to offer our clients a special price on MalwareBytes Premium. This license can be installed on up to 3 computers for just $25. If you were to purchase this from MalwareBytes directly, the license is $25 per machine.
The advantages over the free version are definitely worth the $25. With the free version, you must run MalwareBytes manually, update manually, scan manually and the software only detects and removes infections after they have infected your machine.
The premium version runs all the time and catches infections as they try to enter your machine. It updates itself, scans automatically and automatically removes infections. Very little interaction with the user is required.
Once purchased, we will send you a copy of the license that you may use on up to 3 machines. If you would like us to install and configure the software for you, you may purchase the installation special for just $25 per machine.
Click here to purchase your MalwareBytes Package TODAY!
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