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Security Alert: Please Remove Apple Quicktime Software
Remove Apple's Quick Time Software
On the 15th it was announced that Apple Quicktime was no longer supported after Trend Micro found 2 zero day vulnerabilities in their software.  We were going to announce this in our next newsletter but it seems like we should address this sooner than later.  In short, there is a newly discovered vulnerability in Apple Quicktime and it should be removed as quickly as possible.  The vulnerabilities allow an attacker, website or email to completely take over your computer.
If you are one of our clients on our Residential Remote Support Contract (RRSC), no fears, you should have already received a phone call from us asking you if we could remove the offending software from your computer.
All others, please read this link for more info.  We have also included a link to instructions for self removal.
Should be easy to uninstall:
If you feel like you would like us to remove this software for you, please give us a call at:

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