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Brenda Smith, executive director of High Desert Partnership, is one of many voices in Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative's newest video. 
New HBWI Video About Wetlands and Water
We are very excited to share with you the Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative's (HBWI) new short film on wetlands, flood irrigation, and water in Harney Basin! It took a little over two years to complete this video since Harney County was experiencing a drought when the filming was set to start. 
The lands in and around the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge provide incredibly important habitat for birds on the Pacific Flyway. Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative partners give voice to the importance of these wetlands meadows, the roll water plays, and the significance of flood irrigation.
We love this short film because of the diversity of voices present, which we feel demonstrates the complexity and strength of the Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative partners. Kevin Raichl did a great job filming and producing this video. Be sure to watch it!
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Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative partners answer questions during a panel discussion.
Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative partners participated in a panel discussion on February 15th for Nature Night: Malheur, One Year Later. From left to right partners are: Dan Nichols (rancher), Bruce Taylor (Intermountain West Joint Venture), Brenda Smith (High Desert Partnership), Esther Lev (The Wetlands Conservancy), Bob Sallinger (Portland Audubon), Jarvis Kennedy (Burns Paiute Tribe), and Chad Karges (Malheur National Wildlife Refuge). You can click on the photo above to see more pictures from the event. 

Youth Initiative Meeting Recap
Youth initiative partners met earlier this month for their first meeting in 2017. Partners discussed and agreed upon a vision, which has been developed by the student leadership class at Burns High School. The vision for the youth initiative is:
 Engage the community to develop opportunities to sustain and enhance a next generation with motivation and skills that inspire self-worth, pride and a good work ethic.
Partners also explored ways to effectively engage youth and created a list of shared goals. Finally partners decided on a meeting schedule of every other month for the rest of the year to maintain the momentum of their work. We look forward to seeing what they achieve!

Nature Night Success!
What a great night! Over 250 people turned out to participate in Nature Night: Malheur, One Year Later, an event we co-sponsored with Portland Audubon. The main focus of the event was the Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative partners panel discussion, which was designed to demonstrate what collaboration looks like to audience members. Initiative partners come from diverse backgrounds and yet they are successfully working together to improve wetlands habitat in Harney Basin as well as social and economic values in Harney County. In the picture above, partners were meeting with participants and answering questions after the discussion. 
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