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   Welcome to this Spring 2023 Update. I have lots to share with you.  
Status of Book No. 2 Revision                        
   After one year’s work, I have finished revising Book No. 2, The “Egyptian Pyramid”  Not only does this revision include the original commentary on all 9 Luminiart designs, I decided that since seven of the Luminiart designs were based on events or architecture outside of the United States, I included a sampling that shows how the world's cultures continue to influence my work today.  The Book 2 cover is shown on the right and if you click here you will be taken to a page on my website ( where you will find a preview of page 83 of the new and revised 86-page bound Book 2. My web page also presents other selected pages from my other 2 books. 

A New Product is Released:  “Moses and the Pharaoh” 
  Inspired by the history and art of Egypt, I created a second micro vase for my Garden Series that I call "Moses and the Pharaoh”.  An image is shown on the right but, there is a larger one and further description by clicking the image.  Page 25 of Book 2 explains the background and presents more detail about this very unique piece of work. There is even more information about the piece posted on my Olszewski Studios website and at my online retail store where it can be reserved for $450.00. The "Moses and the Pharaoh" micro vase with flowers stands 4 1/4" tall and is hand-painted by my wife, Eva and myself in our home studio.  
   These micro vase concepts are cast and painted in the United States and made of resin, bronze and brass and are complex to cast and hand paint. The number made are limited by the extra time I have to spend on them between writing and creating new designs for the Disney Theme Parks.  Because of the castings complexity plus the high amount of time to paint and assemble each piece, I decided that May 7th, 2023 would be the last date to place a reservation for both the "Unicorn with Roses" and the "Moses and the Pharaoh" Vase concepts.  As I am very fond of the vase concept, more new vase concepts will follow but the time and cost demands will need to be re-evaluated.  
   Also it has been 6-years since the release of the "Unicorn with Roses" micro vase (shown) and only 26 vases with Roses have ever been produced. So, again, I’ve set the last date for collectors to place their reservations for the second run of both the "Unicorn” micro vase and the "Moses and the Pharaoh” micro vase designs to coincide with the close of the May 7th 2023 Disneyana Collectible Show and Sale. Make your reservations today at the following links for Unicorn and for Moses at my online store. 

Disneyana Collectible Show and Sale
   This year’s Disneyana Collectible Show and Sale has a new name, and is now called the DFC EXPO and is being held on the same date as STAR WARS WEEKEND at Disneyland.  The show will be held on Sunday, May 7th, 2022, at the Double Tree Suites by Hilton in Orange, California. I have enjoyed attending this show as a vendor since I created the first designs in the Disney "Storytime" line which was 23-years ago. After all of these years it still is the best show to have your Olszewski art carry-in’s signed. As always the signing limit is 3 at a time but you "can" get back in line, should you have more pieces for me to sign. To celebrate along with STAR WARS WEEKEND, I plan to showcase every Star Wars design I have done. Here is a link to one that was most popular.

 GREAT NEWS!  A Christmas Gift Contract
   Four days before Christmas 2022, The Walt Disney Company sent me a two-year contract renewal to continue to design new work for the Disney Theme Parks.  Yeah, Go Bob!  

The Art of Olszewski Book Releases and Olszewski Archival Works of Art For Sale
   Since my first works in miniature in 1977 were produced, over 46 years ago, I have been setting aside 3 each of my designs for our family. Click here to take you to my information website that describes 3 Olszewski Eras that these works were created.  In 2020 when I turned 75, and after giving this some considerable thought, I decided that it was best to hold onto one complete set for our family and to sell the remaining two sets.  The "how to sell” these was the big question I had, and again, after much thought I felt that the work should be sold in the context of the history in which they were made.  The "context" has evolved into my recently published Olszewski Art History books. 
   To date, I have completed 3 Art History books and at my current pace of one new Book per year. In order to give the reader some insight into the work and writing that goes into these books, I have included a link to a page on my website that presents selected pages from each of the 3 books.  These are now available for purchase through my online store.  
Phishing Attempt:
   Olszewski Studios recently experienced a phishing attempt that some of our collectors on our email list were contacted with bogus email content.  We regret this happened and did not cause you any inconvenience. I appreciate those who wrote me about the validity of the email.  Unfortunately, this is the world we live in and we try to do everything possible to prevent it from happening. We are in an age now that everyone needs to be diligent and safe in their digital and physical lives.  Please note that our email campaigns like this one is legit and we only use this format to reach out to our collector base.
Bob Olszewski, Olszewski Studios
   Should you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

"Mose and the Pharaoh" - A new release by Robert Olszewski.
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