Squirrelly Video, DIY Tips, Census Warning, Thrilling Grilling and More
Squirrelly Video, DIY Tips, Census Warning, Thrilling Grilling and More
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  August 2020  
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Squirrelly Obstacle Course
A former NASA engineer uses mechanical engineering to outsmart the squirrels and keep them away from bird feeders.
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Third Time's the Charm
This 12-year-old girl displays remarkable talent as well as poise and persistence during her America's Got Talent audition.
Internet Outages

outages No one likes outages, not you, not us. For over 80 years MVEC has managed electricity outages, always striving to reduce their frequency to a point where we are ranked as one of the most reliable utilities in the State. However, now we are also managing a few internet outages and learning more about our backhaul providers and their impact on our service. While we can't guarantee uninterrupted electric or internet service, or control Mother Nature, we can share ideas to help you if an internet outage does occur.

When the electricity goes out, most likely your internet service does as well, especially if you do not use a battery back-up. Sometimes the internet service does not re-start once electric power is restored so we want to share some helpful tips.

First, know your equipment. Upon taking MVlink service, members receive a modem. The type of modem depends on whether or not a member chooses to use their own router or use the MVlink Gigacenter. The Gigacenter unit is actually a combined modem and router.  Because of this, our fiber team can troubleshoot it. There is a monthly charge of $4.95 for this unit. There is no additional charge if a member uses their own router with our modem, but we are unable to troubleshoot privately-owned routers. Know what you have and how it may impact your service.

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Fact Monster  
Fact Monster
Students in 1st through 8th grades can get homework help in a wide variety of subjects plus educational games.
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DIY Network  
DIY Network
Get inspired and get busy thanks to this floor-to-ceiling headquarters for DIY TV shows and instructional videos.
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This handy site helps you pick your next movie, TV show, game, or album based on reviews by critics and users.
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Easy Grilled Shrimp
These delicious shrimp are packed with lots of flavor and take just minutes to grill. No marinating is required.
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Stuffed Summer Vegetables
Bell peppers, zucchini, and tomatoes are filled with a bulgur wheat and mushroom mixture and baked. Yum!
Four Letters  
Four Letters
Make words with four letters as fast as you can. The challenge increases the longer you last in this game.
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Choose from thousands of unique and artistic wallpapers to make your phone or tablet look cool — all for free!
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1 Second Everyday  
1 Second Everyday
This app helps you create a movie of your life made up of quick videos that capture moments from each day.
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Make Miles of Style
Check out these clever ways to transform paper maps into decorative home items including photo displays.
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Tree-mendous Wood Slices
Have wood slices from a tree trimming? It's easy to turn them into a chalkboard, cheese platter, or coasters.
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