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Across the U.S., inequality has grown and cities and metro areas are struggling to generate inclusive growth. Meanwhile, globalization, technology and demography are having profound impacts on industries, people, and places. Technology has made manufacturing less job intensive and e-commerce is upending retail jobs. Rapid digitization is increasing the demand for skilled workers. And demographic change means that growing inclusively is more and more important to overall economic growth.

Leaders can play a significant role in shaping policies and programs that expand opportunity, so The Data Center has assembled presentations by local and national scholars to inform their decisionmaking. While the center of the event is our latest report, The New Orleans Prosperity Index: Tricentennial Edition and the Tricentennial Collection, we will be joined by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation who will unveil the “The Business Case for Racial Equity – Strategies for Growth” and the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program’s latest research, “Opportunity for growth: How reducing barriers to economic inclusion can benefit workers, firms, and local economies.”

Ani Turner, author of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation report, examines how metro New Orleans stands to realize a $43 billion gain in economic output by closing the racial equity gap. The potential economic and social gains are significant. She will be joined at the forum by Joe Parilla, Fellow at the Brookings Institution, who will speak on how regional leaders can adapt to today’s disruptive economies and prosper through increased inclusion. His research was fundamental to The New Orleans Prosperity Index: Tricentennial Edition. 

Join us at the NOLA 300 Forum for Progress and Prosperity tomorrow, June 20th as we explore this national and locally-focused data and research supporting inclusive growth and a more prosperous region.

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