Giving Tuesday is 11/28!
Giving Tuesday is 11/28!
Double your impact this Giving Tuesday! We're excited to share that four dedicated members of our Board of Directors have pledged to match all donations made on Tuesday, November 28, 2023, up to $50,000, for an ambitious goal of $100,000.

This year, your contributions will directly support a 2023 Pilot Research Award, which provides vital seed funding to help NET scientists kickstart novel approaches, and ensures rising stars stay in the field. Your gifts will also bolster our patient education programs, providing credible resources and compassionate assistance to all those affected by NETs. Together, let's pave the way for a brighter future, filled with hope, progress, and ultimately, a cure.

Stay tuned this Giving Tuesday, November 28, 2023, to Double Your Impact! 
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NETRF Research Symposium Sparks Research Excitement in Boston!

NETRF’s 2023 Margie and Robert E. Petersen Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Symposium brought together 100 of the world's foremost neuroendocrine cancer scientists in Boston. The 16th annual Symposium, held from November 15-17, showcased the latest advancements in NET research, providing a dynamic platform for grantees to share their groundbreaking work and foster collaborations. Read more here

NETRF-funded Research Milestone: CAR T Clinical Trial Announced for NETs

The Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation celebrates a significant milestone in cancer therapy: a first-in-human CAR T cell therapy clinical trial for neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) will open in 2024. NETRF supported the early-stage, preclinical research that led to the development of this therapy, including a 2014 grant to Carl June, MD, Xianxin Hua, MD, PhD, and David Metz, MD of the University of Pennsylvania, followed by a 2018 Accelerator Award to Dr. Hua. Read more here. 

PanNETs & Liver Metastases

Almost half of patients diagnosed with pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (PanNETs) have tumors that have spread to their liver, which correlates with poorer outcomes. Given this, researchers like Minah Kim, PhD, Assistant Professor of Pathology & Cell Biology at Columbia University, are keen to find out more about how these tumors metastasize, especially to the liver. In 2021, she was awarded a NETRF Investigator Award to study the mechanisms underlying liver metastasis, immune evasion, and their convergence on current immunotherapy resistance in pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors. Read more here.

FDA Approves Histotripsy for Liver NETs

Congratulations to Dr. Osman Ahmed and UChicago Medicine
for their participation in #Hope4Liver clinical trial that led to FDA approval of Histotripsy to destroy liver tumors. Using focused ultrasound waves, Histotripsy is an exciting non-invasive, radiation-free option for some NET patients. Dr. Ahmed discusses Histotripsy here, and you can read the press release from HistoSonics here

NETWise Episode 30: NETs & Fatigue

If you're dealing with NETs, you likely have encountered fatigue in various forms. The spectrum of fatigue spans from temporary and inconvenient, to persistent and debilitating. It can be a source of frustration, stress, and isolation, as it may not be readily apparent to others. Despite its prevalence, fatigue often takes a backseat to the primary cancer concerns. However, delving into the distinct causes of fatigue affecting NET patients and exploring effective strategies to manage it can prove beneficial. In this installment of NETWise, our focus shifts to the often-overlooked aspect of fatigue.

NET Thrivership: Living Positively After a NET Diagnosis 

NET Thrivership is a term used to reframe the experience of cancer survivorship. Rather than solely focusing on the challenges and hardships of living with NETs, it emphasizes living positively and proactively after a cancer diagnosis, encompassing resilience, strength, and determination. It's a shift from a survivor mentality to a mindset that celebrates life beyond NETs.

We want you to hear Thrivership perspectives from the experts……. other NET thrivers.

Watch this video from our 2023 Know your NETs Virtual Patient and Caregiver Conference. A sincere thank you to Hannah Folkerts, Carrie Camino, Arlesia Taylor-Whitaker, Mario Medina, Kelly Baughman and Merlynn Densley for sharing their NET Thrivership perspectives. 

Know Your NETs: Holidays, Nutrition & NETs  

The holidays can be such a special time. Many of our holidays center around food, and often our favorite meals can symbolize tradition, connection, and celebration. Knowledge is power and as you prepare for your holiday celebrations, take a moment to learn more about Nutrition in NETs here.
Also, learn a little about finding the foods that you love and working with ingredients that work for you by watching Chef Mark Allison from the 2023 KNOW YOUR NETs Patient Education Conference. 

Chef Allison was kind enough to share a recipe as we go into the cold weather seasons. Beef Bourguignon, a classic French dish. Find the recipe here.

Also, for more nutrition information, join in on the NorCal Carcinet’s monthly Friday Virtual NET Nutrition Conversations with Leigh Ann Burns. Visit
Top photo: NET Impact panel experts. Bottom right: NETRF CEO Elyse Gellerman & Director of Patient Education Jessica Thomas flank Dr. Mark Lewis in his signature zebra costume

Thank You,

Salt Lake City! 

NETRF’s NET Impact Program on November 4th in Salt Lake City was a success. The room was packed with over 90 NET patients and caregivers. NET specialists Drs. Alex Gangi, Jonathan Strosberg, Heloisa Soares, Mark Lewis and Jaydira del Rivero presented on what’s new in neuroendocrine cancer research and treatment. Jessica Thomas, LCSW, presented on how to thrive and live well with NETs. 
Thank you to our physician co-chairs, Drs. Heloisa Soares and Mark Lewis. We also want to recognize Merlynn Densley, leader of the Utah NET Support Group, for his assistance and input producing this conference. We thank NANETS for its collaboration, and thank our sponsors, Curium, Novartis and Crinetics, whose support helped to make this conference possible.

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We’re reminding our NET community to check out Give Freely, a new program developed by NETRF Board of Directors member Steve Kaufer, which acts as a shopping assistant and automatically finds discount coupons whenever you shop online.

The amazing twist? Whenever you buy anything at over 10,000 partner sites, a portion of the purchase price will go to NETRF. It’s free to use and costs you absolutely nothing. Behind the scenes, the store is paying Give Freely a commission on the purchase, and 100% of that commission is donated to NETRF. No credit card. No annoying popups. Save money, support NETRF, and make a difference, all while doing your regular online shopping.

What's more? For the next six months, Steve will donate $10 for each person who installs Give Freely and selects NETRF as their charity of choice.

You can learn more and install Give Freely into your browser from the Give Freely Website. (Currently only available on Chrome.) And don’t worry, we trust it: it is safe, secure, and doesn’t ask for a credit card.
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