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Today, The Data Center rolls out the second chapter of Placing Prosperity: Neighborhoods and Life Expectancy in the New Orleans Metro, a three-part report on how neighborhoods shape people's chances to live long, healthy, and prosperous lives. Our first release looked at differences in life expectancy across neighborhoods. This week’s release puts these differences in a historical perspective.
The analysis shows that, just as individual neighborhoods change over time, patterns of neighborhood inequality also evolve. Nevertheless, residential segregation and uneven investment as the region took shape over the 19th and 20th centuries reverberate across neighborhood differences in life expectancy today.  
The series will conclude next week with the release of the third chapter, but for now, check out chapter two of our newest report, Placing Prosperity, here at:
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Jenna Losh, Don Asay, Robby Habans, Lamar Gardere, Cody Brumfield, Amy Teller, Rachel Weinstein, Arthur Rymer, Katrina Andry, Erica Amrine, Allison Plyer, and Dabne Whitemore
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