STAR_Net News - August 2017
STAR_Net News - August 2017
August 29, 2017
A Few Words from our Director
As you know our country is going through another Katrina level natural disaster because of Hurricane Harvey. This time it’s in southeast Texas and may even reach Louisiana before the week is out. This region, which is used to storms, is now experiencing historic flooding. Lives and livelihoods will be greatly impacted. Community institutions like libraries will undoubtedly be impacted as well. Our thoughts and hopes for a speedy recovery reach out to everyone struggling to recover from this disaster.
Below are a few resources on how to help:
To donate visit, call 1- 800-RED CROSS, or text the word HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation. Also, ALA offers a list of resources for dealing with natural disasters at Libraries Respond.
Paul B. Dusenbery, Director
National Center for Interactive Learning
Space Science Institute
Celebrate a "Day of Saturn" with NASA!
After almost 20 years in space, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft begins the final chapter of its remarkable story of exploration: its Grand Finale. Learn more about the mission, the science behind it, its history and view Cassini’s end of mission timeline.
On the final orbit, Cassini will plunge into Saturn’s atmosphere, sending back new and unique science to the very end. After losing contact with Earth, the spacecraft will burn up like a meteor, becoming part of the planet itself.
Lights On Afterschool
Lights On Afterschool is the only nationwide event celebrating afterschool programs and their important role in the lives of children, families, and communities.
This year afterschool-library partnerships are being celebrated as a theme for Lights On Afterschool! Highlight a partnership you already have, or partner with an afterschool program for the first time for a Lights On event, October 26. Join our webinar on September 19 to learn more.
STAR_Net Webinar Series
Cassini: The Grand Finale
Date: Wednesday, August 30, 2017
3pm EDT / 2pm CDT / 1pm MDT / 12pm PT
Join the STAR_Net team and Colin Mitchell, a Space Science Institute researcher on the Cassini mission, to learn more about Cassini’s Grand Finale and ways to integrate this event into your programming.
For those that are unable to attend the live webinar, we will have a recording posted on our website within a day or two after the live presentation.
Out-of-This-World Activities
Date: Wednesday, September 13, 2017
3pm EDT / 2pm CDT / 1pm MDT / 12pm PT
Join STAR_Net and the Lunar and Planetary Institute to learn tips and tricks from LPI’s Explore program for engaging children, tweens, and families in space science with games, activities, and events.
For those that are unable to attend the live webinar, we will have a recording posted on our website within a day or two after the live presentation.
Celebrate Afterschool Partnerships with the Annual Lights On Afterschool!
Date: Tuesday, September 19, 2017
3pm EDT / 2pm CDT / 1pm MDT / 12pm PT
Melissa Ballard, STEM Mgr., Afterschool Alliance
Dan Gilbert, Project Mgr., Afterschool Alliance
Libraries and afterschool programs make great partners. Every October, the afterschool field celebrates the important role these programs have in the lives of children, families, and communities.
This year, on October 26, we want to make the celebration bigger and better than ever. Library-afterschool partnerships are an official theme of this year’s event—and we want to highlight the many ways libraries and afterschool programs are pairing up to provide engaging learning opportunities and critical supports to children and families across the country.
For those that are unable to attend the live webinar, we will have a recording posted on our website within a day or two after the live presentation.

Miss Past Webinars? Get Them Here!

Photo Gallery of Partcipating Libraries
The eclipse has passed and we never would have imagined it would have grown to be the event it became! With the help of many participating libraries, we have assembled a photo gallery of their eclipse events. Be sure to check back often as we'll continue to update this gallery as more come in.
Complete Our Post Eclipse Survey!
Thank you so much for joining over 7,000 public libraries, state libraries, bookmobiles and other library locations to bring solar science to your community!
Our funders (Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Google, NASA and NSF) would love to hear about the amazing and innovative programs you've created, and partnerships you may have formed. As a reminder, completion of this survey was a condition of receiving the glasses or education kits, so please help us by providing your valuable response!
Hands-on STEM: Make a CD Saturn
The Cassini Grand Finale is a great opportunity to showcase astronomy and space-related activities and crafts for your library patrons. In Make a CD Saturn, participants use unwanted CDs or DVDs to make a model of the “Jewel of the Solar System” that can be hung from a ceiling. The activity guide even offers tips for modelling Saturn’s 27 degree axial tilt when hanging it!
Make sure to leave a review on the STEM Activity Clearinghouse to let other programming staff know of tips and advice for facilitation.
The STAR Library Education Network (STAR_Net) is a hands-on learning network for libraries and their communities across the country. STAR_Net focuses on helping library professionals build their STEM skills by providing “science-technology activities and resources” (STAR) and training to use those resources. Plus, engage public audiences nationwide in informal and lifelong learning with the excitement of exploration and discovery through new NASA@ My Library resources! 
STAR_Net is built upon a strong network of collaborators and partners, led by the Space Science Institute’s (SSI) National Center for Interactive Learning (NCIL). Partners include the American Library Association’s Public Programs Office, Lunar and Planetary Institute, Afterschool Alliance, Education Development Center, Datum Advisors, Cornerstones of Science, and the Pacific Science Center. Major funding is provided by the National Science Foundation, NASA Science Mission Directorate, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and the Institute of Museum and Library Services.
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