Fall Decorating Ideas & Recipes, Brushing Scam Warning & Makeover Magic
Fall Decorating Ideas & Recipes, Brushing Scam Warning & Makeover Magic
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  October 2020  
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Cow Asks Man for Help
By pacing and mooing, a mother cow expresses the need to rescue her newborn calf that slid under the fence.
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Incredible Makeover
The Makeoverguy® gives a woman turning 60 a new look. She's barely recognizable after the session is done.
Power Strips and Surge Protectors Are Different But They Often Look A Lot Alike

power strip surger protector Some differences:
A Power Strip is basically an extension of a wall outlet that just provides more outlets for multiple devices. It may have a switch to quickly shut off power to the outlets but doesn't necessarily do Surge Protection.

A Surge Protector, or sometimes called Surge Supressor, will look a lot like a Power Strip. It will have an extension cable to plug into the wall outlet with multiple outlets to plug in extra devices. Though the Surge Protector is going to have electronics built into it to help protect against power surges that can damage your equipment.

Surge Protectors will sometimes include a dollar amount that it will cover for the equipment that is plugged into that Surge Protector. If that equipment is damaged, the manufacturer may cover the cost of the damage up to the amount listed. The catch is that the Surge Protector must be used correctly. We recommend reading the documentation included on the proper usage of the Surge Protector. Using it in any other manor than what is instructed will void any coverage damage.

Surge Protectors will have a Joules Energy Rating listed on the packaging. It is recommended not to exceed the usage the Surge Protector is designed for. Meaning you would not want to get the least expensive and lowest Joules Rating and then use it for a high end home theatre system that would have a Joules Rating much higher than the rating on the Surge Protector.

Surge Protectors are going to be a little more expensive than a simple power strip.

Most Surge Protectors will have a light next to the word protected or protection. If the light is on, it usually indicates the Surge Protector is still good and is protecting the devices plugged in. If the light is not on, then the unit could be bad and might need to be replaced.
Cybersecurity Tips

Cyber security

If you connect it, protect it: Your best defense is to keep device security software, web browser and operating systems up to date.

Spotting Email Phishers: 1) They often disguise themselves as someone you know. 2) They offer financial reward, threaten you or claim to need help. 3) They ask for your personal info. 4) They want you to download a file or click a link.

Public Wi-Fi is not secure: Avoid logging in to personal accounts, like email and financial sites when you don't recognize the connections. If you must connect to public Wi-Fi, consider using a virtual private network (VPN) or personal hotspot.
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Rainy Mood  
Rainy Mood
Feeling stressed? This site provides rain sounds to enhance your sleep or study/work times as well as soothing music.
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DIY Network  
DIY Network
If there are home improvement projects on your list, check out the How-To Library and Videos for helpful instructions.
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This educational site covers topics including health, science, auto, tech, culture, money, and animals.
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Best Homemade Pizza
October is National Pizza Month. Watch this video to learn how to make delicious pizza for yourself at home.
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French Onion Soup
It's soup season, and this one's a classic. What are the secrets to its flavor? The chef says, "Time and thyme."
Identifying plants couldn't be easier. Simply take or upload a photo and get quick and accurate plant ID results.
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This app will take you from feeling overwhelmed to feeling on top of it. Easily see your tasks and stay on track.
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Two Dots  
Two Dots
Enjoy many adventures with this challenging and engaging puzzle game that's free to play and loved by millions.
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Pumpkin Decorations
Learn three easy ways to decorate your pumpkins using frosting bags and paint brushes instead of a carving knife.
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Autumn Leaf Wreath
In one minute, Martha Stewart shows you how to make a pretty wreath with glycerine-treated leaves on a wire form.
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