Upgrading to Windows 10
So June 15th has now passed and we are approaching the end of the month. At this point in time, we suggest taking the leap and upgrading to Windows 10.  We have asked you to put it off this long, why upgrade now?  
Here at ATR, we believe that the longer you waited the better chance you had to have a good experience upgrading to Windows 10.  In the past, there was a pretty good chance that the upgrade would have failed.  I have seen some people saying the chances were as high as 1 in 4 would fail.  That’s 25%!  I saw other numbers where the odds were one in ten.  10% not too bad but still a little risky for our clients.  If we have 4500 clients, that 450 failures!  We think the number is about 5 in 1000 right now.  Please keep in mind that you could still experience a failure during the install but we think that it’s unlikely for the majority of our clients.
Among several other reasons to upgrade is the far superior security that comes with Windows 10 and why Microsoft has been forcing you to upgrade.  Also, the upgrade is still free until July 29th.  Another reason is because of the Edge Browser.  It’s not perfect and not all websites work well with it yet, but … The newly designed browser is unlike any other ever produced and hacking it is proving to be a problem for those trying to break into it.  Its new design may prove it to be a much more secure and safe browser to use over the likes of Firefox and Chrome.
We suggest you backup all your personal data and confirm that the data is indeed backed up before you begin the upgrade process.
Click on the "Upgrade now" button to do just that.
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