Welcoming Back Students & Tutors

As infection rates drop around our community and restrictions are loosened, the staff at LVCA are preparing to welcome back students and tutors for tutoring. The office will reopen for one-to-one tutoring and computer-based learning on Monday, June 14. 
"We’re excited to see everybody, and we recognize that safety is important to all of us," said Executive Director Ellen Osborne. "Our goal is to provide the best service possible to our volunteers and students while figuring out our 'new normal'."
Phase one of reopening will require all tutors to make reservations for tutoring rooms. This will reduce congestion and ensure that all tutors and students have a room waiting for them when they arrive. At this time, masks are still required in all common areas of the office. We will reassess our reopening plans in six weeks.
If you have questions about our reopening plans or would like to learn more, please reach out to our Program Manager, Steven Reid
Tutoring in the Sunshine
Summer is almost here, and students and tutors are taking advantage of the warmer temperatures. After months of meeting virtually, pairs like Juan and John are taking their lessons outside. 
The benches outside the Jefferson School City Center have been utilized throughout the pandemic by those who desired face-to-face meetings. We look forward to seeing more smiling faces around the building in the coming weeks! 
John was one of our spotlighted tutors for National Volunteer Week. Click here to learn more about him and his passion for tutoring. 

The Importance of Education: Marzieh's Story

When you’re born into a family of teachers and writers, the importance of education becomes engrained into your identity.
Marzieh, a refugee from Afghanistan, knew that she wanted her children to have every opportunity to achieve their educational dreams. But first, she needed to realize her own.
One year after arriving in the U. S., Marzieh enrolled in the LVCA program to improve her English and prepare to become a U. S. citizen. One-to-one tutoring, conversation classes, and citizenship classes all helped her build the skills and confidence needed to pass her naturalization test successfully. She set an example for her children to achieve their own success in education and as citizens of our country.
Your generosity allows parents like Marzieh to prioritize their education and uplift an entire generation of new Americans.
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