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The Census Bureau is ending 2020 counting efforts on September 30, 2020—one month earlier than previously announced. 
The COVID pandemic has thrown many things into flux and among them is the critically important 2020 Census.  
The 2020 Census will determine the funding communities get for health care, roads, schools and more for a full 10 years. It is essential that everyone is counted.
If you haven’t filled out the Census—or even if you can’t remember whether you have or not—go to or call 1-844-330-2020 to complete your census today.
Whether you are a renter or a homeowner, you count.
If you’ve moved in 2020, don’t get lost in the shuffle. Make sure you are counted.
Questions about where you should be counted? Whether you’re unexpectedly home from college or just looking for help filling out the census form, we’ve got answers! 

Check out

As the Census Bureau has changed their operational plans due to COVID, we’ve been keeping up with all the changes. You can find authoritative answers to all of your questions on our 2020 Census FAQ page.

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The Data Center Team
Allison Plyer, Dabne Whitemore, Jenna Losh, Don Asay, Robby Habans, Lamar Gardere, Cody Brumfield, Amy Teller, Rachel Weinstein, Arthur Rymer, Katrina Andry, and Erica Amrine
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