June 1, 2018

AWG Little Library NEW

Location at Turtle Rock Park 

The Little Library that was formerly outside AWG's Woodfords office is now at the Turtle Rock Park Campground. We hope you enjoy! 

Markleevillage Fuels Reduction Project Site Tour

The Markleevillage Fuels Reduction Project, funded by Sierra Nevada Conservancy, treated 234 acres of a larger 1,200 acre plan last fall in 2017. The purpose of the project was to ensure community wildfire protection efforts by continuing the implementation of the Markleevillage Fuels Reduction Project. The project reduced fuel loads around rural, residential areas near Markleeville.  The treatment areas involved are contiguous with previous treatments conducted by the National Forest Service, ongoing roadside thinning by Alpine County, facility protection efforts by Grover Hot Springs State Park, and defensible space efforts by private residents.  

On May 23rd, the partnership hosted a site visit for all interested individuals to visit the treated area. The site visit took place at the gate and restoration notice sign on Pleasant Valley Road. A short walk past the water tank and down the hill guided the group through treated areas and provided an ideal view of the borderline of the fuels reduction project. Along this perimeter, the group was able to compare the thinned land to the adjacent dense forested area.  

Thank you to all the partners who attended! 

AWG Leads Local Diamond Valley Students in Field Trip to Taylor Creek 

AWG wrapped up its final session with the Diamond Valley School (DVS) Advanced Learner Program by taking the students on a field trip to Taylor Creek in South Lake Tahoe. Students reviewed everything they learned over the past few months while taking in the beautiful scenery. AWG's Education and Outreach Coordinator, Julia Keane, has been partnering with DVS since November to present natural resource themed topics to students in the after-school program. Students learned about watersheds, fish habitat, forest health, fire safety and more as they took part in fun activities and field trips. We look forward to continuing this program next year! 

8 New Volunteers Join AWG Monitoring Program 

On Tuesday, AWG held a training for our 8 new volunteer monitors. Marina Vance, AWG's Restoration and Monitoring Coordinator, gave a presentation on the purpose of water quality monitoring in Alpine County and the procedures of each test. Volunteers then had the opportunity to practice what they learned at one of the Ambient Monitoring sites in Paynesville. 
Thank you to everyone who attended! Our next Ambient Monitoring day will be Sunday, June 10th from 8:30am-12pm.  

Friends of Hope Valley Work Day and Benefit Concert

Join Friends of Hope Valley (FOHV) for their work day on Saturday, June 9th and for their benefit concert Sunday, June 10th. Participants for the work day should meet at Pickett's Junction (Hwy 88/Hwy99) at 9am. Projects include watershed habitat improvement, highway clean up, and fence work. Please bring work gloves, shovels, hats, sunblock, water, and a snack. The work day should be completed around 11:30am and everyone is encouraged to join FOHV and local history authors for a book signing and celebration at Mad Dog Café in Woodfords. The next day, Back Forty Bluegrass Band will perform at Sorenson's Resort to benefit FOHV. Tickets are $10 and the concert is 1-4pm. For more information, click here.

Lahontan Water Board HAB Workshops

“The Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board (Water Board) is hosting two workshops to improve the efficiency in responding to harmful algal blooms (HABs) that occur throughout the Lahontan Region. To prepare for HAB outbreaks that may increase in abundance, frequency, and duration during the 2018 growing season and beyond, staff has realized the need to develop a more timely and efficient response plan. To achieve this goal, the Water Board will host two regional HAB workshops to provide local partners with the technical understanding needed to efficiently and effectively (1) collect water samples for HAB analysis, and (2) post health advisories if harmful levels of cyanotoxins are present."
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Upcoming Events

  • June 9th 9am-11:30am: Friends of Hope Valley Work Day 
  • June 10th 1-4pm: Friends of Hope Valley Benefit Concert  
  • June 10th 8:30-12pm: AWG Ambient Monitoring Day 
  • June 12th 1-4pm: Weed Identification Training 
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