Check out two new product innovations from Honeywell
Check out two new product innovations from Honeywell

Make life easier for IT with MDM.

Mobile device management (MDM) improves productivity & confidence that company devices are secure. Easily deploy software, provide user access, track units in the field, configure devices and more.  

  • Update software across devices
  • Remotely monitor & troubleshoot 
  • Disable an unauthorized device in the field  
  • Restore to factory default or specific functionality
  • Supports Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Windows Devices
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Join us at the Lanham Supply Chain Summit, April 3-5 in Atlanta! This 3-day event is focused on Lanham EDI, E-Ship and ACE Warehousing, where you’ll be able to:
  • Enhance your supply chain knowledge  
  • Hear the latest Lanham product strategy and roadmap
  • Share your experiences and ideas with partners, peers and Lanham product developers

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Discover Honeywell's NEW Xenon 1902 Battery-Free Scanner 

The Xenon™ 1902g-bf cordless area-imaging scanner, powered by super-capacitors, eliminates the need for a battery -- good for you, great for the environment. Scans 450+ barcodes on a single charge, and recharges in under 60 seconds via a powered USB port.
  • Great for the heavy lifter, packing stations and 2-4 bay shipping/receiving warehouses
  • Eliminates time, expense, hassle, and environmental impact of battery-powered scanners
Contact us today to learn more about this new productivity solution from Honeywell!

NEW! The AutoCube 8200

This dimensioning device from Honeywell can quickly and accurately measure packages to reduce bottlenecks and offer opportunities for space optimization in the warehouse. The AutoCube takes a 3-D picture of the product through a series of cameras to ensure the most accurate shipping weight can be billed.  Mounted as a standalone device or integrated through a 3rd party shipping platform. 

Got volume?  Contact us to learn more about the AutoCube.  

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