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In case you missed our special bulletin e-mail, we are making changes to the way Owners recieve discounts!

We here at the Co-op love our Owner Appreciation Days (OADs). Double digit discounts, free snacks from local producers, and fun activities fill our quarterly celebration of the amazing people that make up the Co-op: you! We’ve also heard many great suggestions from our owners about how to improve this important benefit. Some folks don’t like having to brave a crowd in order to get their 10% discount. Some just can’t make it into the store on an OAD, and miss out on all the fun and savings. While many people love the way things are, we aren’t satisfied until all our owners are happy.

We hit the drawing board, and came up with something new that we think is even better: Owner Discount Cards!

We’ve decoupled discounts from specific dates. From now on, every legal Co-op owner (that is to say, the primary person on the account) will receive a punch-card with three punch-out places on it. Whenever you want, you can use your card to take 10% off of your purchase (excluding, of course, alcohol), up to three times a year.
Of course, the Co-op isn’t going to stop throwing free-food laden fêtes for its owners. We’ll still bring the vendors out to share their wares, there just won’t be an in-store discount tied to those days. As a matter of fact, we’ll be having our very first Vendor Fair at the end of this week, on Saturday, May 3! From noon – 4 P.M., our parking lot will be jam-packed with local producers giving away free samples. We’ll also have a booth set up to hand out shiny new Owner Discount Cards. After that, you will be able to pick up your card in-store.

Our main adjacent parking lot will be blocked off during this event, so if you are driving please utilise our lot across the street.  We will have staff members available to help with street-crossing and bringing shopping carts back.
You may have seen a stylish bike cart with a chrome-plated double-tap system riding around town. Perhaps you’ve stopped by the Co-op’s Thursday Night Market booth, or saw us at the Growing Healthy Children Walk/Run on April 19th. Or, this might be the first you’ve heard of such a contraption. Nonetheless, the Co-op is effervescently excited to officially announce the latest addition to our outreach arsenal: the kombucha keg bike cart!
The Co-op worked with local artisan Greg DeGouveia to create the perfect vehicle for our drink dispensing ambitions. Greg converted a standard kegerator into a dual-tap system, so that we can serve two different flavors of kombucha simultaneously. A sturdy on-board battery ensures that we can keep the kegs cold for as long as needed.
We’ll be bringing our cart out to the Thursday Night Market every week. You can also find it at all sorts of community events around town throughout the summer. If you have an event at which you’d like us to vend draft kombucha, please contact our Marketing Department. We’re always looking for new opportunities to show off the cart and share the kombucha!
Pre-order whole cakes for Graduation and  Mother's Day!
We have lots of different flavors to choose from, call Lauren in our Bakery to inquire
(530) 891-1713
Please give her at least 48 hours notice for whole cake orders.
6" Gluten-free -- $22.99
6" Gluten-free & Vegan -- $25.99 ea.

We a fortunate to be provided with locally and sustainably grown artichokes from Heartseed Farm! These artichokes will be available through May.
The artichoke is believed to have originated in the Mediterranean areas particularly Sicily and North Africa and began being cultivated in Italy since the period of the ancient Greeks. At one time they were believed to be an aphrodisiac. Culturally women were forbidden from eating them in France up to the 16th century because they feared women would go wild with passion. The Spaniards cultivated the artichoke in Granada. Eventually in the 18th century artichokes were imported to California by Spanish missionaries and Monterey County became the American capital of artichokes.
The artichoke is a member of the sunflower family and is a thistle, and the bud of the plant is eaten. It is generally steamed or boiled and served with butter, olive oil, lemon juice, and or garlic. It can also be baked, stuffed or deep fried. Artichoke hearts are often used in a casserole.
Artichokes are low in sugar, rich in fiber and low in fat. They are high in lutein, vitamin K, folate, and vitamin C. They are rich in magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and potassium. Medicinally they aid digestion and the gall bladder function. They lower cholesterol and encourage beneficial gut bacteria. They are said to help prevent heart disease.

Kevin Durkin
Produce Buyer, CNFC
Chico has been in the top 10 most bicycle-friendly cities in the country for years - and with good reason!
For starters, there’s the 30th anniversary Chico Wildflower Century ride on May 1, sponsored by Chico Velo Cycling Club. A hugely popular ride, the Wildflower spans 100 miles of scenic Butte County. Also available: the shorter, less demanding Mildflower 65 and the Childflower 15. New this year is a bicycle-safety rodeo in Durham in conjunction with the Childflower ride. See for more info.
The following weekend on May 4th is the increasingly popular Chico Seersucker Ride brought to you by the Chico Tweed Ride Group. Dress up in your Sunday best, look like you’re going to the Kentucky Derby, or just show off some Southern style– in Seersucker. Experience an era gone by, Sunday socializing with friends and family. Mix that with bikes and fashion, and you have a really fun day! The ride starts at 10 am from the Downtown Plaza and loops to 5 Mile. This year introduces a “Little Nipper” ride that will be escorted by members of Chico Velo and parents. Bike decorating for the Little Nippers will commence prior to the SeerSucker Ride departure. For updates and info, check out the Chico Tweed Ride Facebook Page:
Also on tap, for the entire month, is the Chico Bike to Work Business Challenge, sponsored by the city of Chico’s Traffic Engineering Division. Put together a company team to see who logs the most miles. More info at
When I first came to Chico back in 1987 for college, I had a t-shirt logo with a cool silhouette of a bicycle, and under that it read, “16,450 students, 16,450 bikes.” I think of that shirt to this day. We need to make another one of those, don’t you think?!
Enjoy Bike Month!

Craig Almauguer
Board of Directors
Bike Chico Calendar
818 Main Street | Chico, CA 95928 US
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