June 2020
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WPI’s Dedication to the Needs of Their Students has Been a Recipe for Success  

Sue Hicks
Kira Clary
What separates Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) from others is that they truly want the students to succeed. “We are not just in it for tuition. We care a great deal and put an emphasis on individual student success.” states Sue Hicks, Senior Manager, Online Programs, WPI Corporate and Professional Education.
Sue Hicks is the first point of contact for prospective students at WPI, and once a student is admitted they become well acquainted with Student Success Manager, Kira Clary. The two of them are part of the Student Support Services team. Their goal is to connect students to resources programs, support systems, and services that will help them become acclimated to life at WPI and, of course, to succeed.  The support evolves along with students’ educational journeys, with programming optimized for each year of study. As a result of their student success-oriented approach WPI’s retention rate is 89%. 
The student support services team should really be the student support “connection” team. Weekly they are making sure that students are equipped with the tools necessary to succeed by checking the students’ progress and seeing what they can do to help. “I want to let the students know that they have someone on campus for support and make a personal connection with them, so they can come to us when problems arise knowing that we will help them out. “
The support at WPI just doesn’t end at graduation. Students can remain connected to WPI through the Career Development Center. Jobs are posted free of charge to employers and alumni can view the postings throughout their entire career. With all the programs WPI has set in place to ensure student success it's no wonder that companies want to hire WPI graduates!
For more information on EPCE sponsored WPI programs visit epceonline.org/wpi

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During the week of September 28, EPCE will host its annual fall meeting virtually in conjunction with the Electric Power Conference, which will be held Sept. 28th - Oct.1st. There is no cost for EPCE members to attend the coalition meeting, and as a bonus through our partnership with Electric Power, EPCE members will be able to attend virtual sessions at the Electric Power Conference too! Enter your email address if you are interested and would like to receive new announcements and agenda updates.

Engage with EPCE Through Committee Work!

EPCE is in the process of filling an open seat on its Governance Committee. The Governance Committee provides oversight and direction to CAEL for EPCE's mission and management. Members of the Governance Committee reflect the various coalition constituencies. Governance Committee responsibilities include: 
• Support and input for business sustainability and increasing EPCE membership and participants (company, association, student) 
• Establishing overall organizational performance criteria 
• Advising on membership guidelines 
• Supporting the rules and guidelines for organizational governance 
• Developing amendments to EPCE Charter, as needed 

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Partner News

The American Public Power Association (APPA) is devoted to making sure their workforce is cybersecurity ready. 

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Congrats EPCE Class of 2020!

Congratulations to our EPCE graduates from our four higher education partners, Excelsior College, Bismarck State College, Worcester Polytechnic University, and Clemson University. This year was filled with many challenges, but forever you will be known as an amazing group of students who were able to overcome the difficulties in front of you. Your future is filled with many more accomplishments ahead. Best wishes on your next journey!

Earn Your Micro-certificate in Leadership & Project Management

EPCE has partnered with Excelsior College to provide Leadership and Project Management Certificates designed to equip workers with skills needed in the energy industry. These prescribed courses will help you build the skills and confidence needed to inspire, motivate, influence, and lead your team to success. Get started today.

Know Someone who is Interested in a Career in Water Treatment?

Bismarck State College's National Energy Center of Excellence offers an online accredited water & wastewater technology program that is designed for people interested in entry-level employment in water and wastewater treatment facilities. This is the perfect opportunity an individual who would like to get started in the industry. Click here for more information. 

Upcoming Semester Start Dates

Bismarck State College - first fall classes begin August 24
Clemson University - fall classes begin August 19
Excelsior College - Fall I term classes begin August 31
Worcester Polytechnic Institute - classes begin August 27
Do not wait until it's too late. Ask to speak to an education consultant today.
EPCE is an initiative of the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL), an affiliate of the Strada Education Network. 
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