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2019-2021 HECAT Funding Awards Announced
Just over $2.9 million awarded to deliver homeownership education and counseling, home equity conversaion counseling, and foreclosure prevention counseling to more than 15,200 Minnesotans in the next two years.
The Homeownership Education, Counseling and Training (HECAT) fund provides financial support for comprehensive homeownership training, which may include the following: in-person homeownership education; homeownership services, such as one-on-one financial wellness and one-on-one homeownership counseling; home equity conversion counseling; and foreclosure prevention counseling.
The total amount of funding available for the HECAT 2019-2021 contract year is approximately $2.9 million with contributions of $1,850,590 from state appropriations and $1,100,000 from the Minnesota Homeownership Center, the Greater Minnesota Housing Fund and the Family Housing Fund. We received 35 proposals this funding cycle requesting more than $4 million.
Visit our website to view a detailed breakdown and listing of funding awards and to learn more about HECAT.
Questions? Contact Que Vang at 651.296.7613.
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