Primary Phase Summary
Dear Parents and Carers of our Primary Children

You will be really pleased to know that our ‘In Touch’ system for sending emails and text messages home to you is finally mended and  I would still like to take this opportunity to welcome you all back to a new calendar year and how, as we approach half term, we continue to reinforce high expectations of all our pupils.

I should like to congratulate all of our children across the Academy for during the three months leading up to Christmas raising the incredible total of £2,428 to support charities. Well done to all staff and children involved.

We have just completed assessment week across all phases of the Primary School. This was my first experience of assessment week and I want you to know just how well behaved and motivated the children were to do their very best. The children were a credit to both their family and to the school.

Towards the end of January the Primary School was involved in a Peer Review. This is where the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher from two other Ealing Primary Schools spend the best part of a day in school looking at every aspect of the educational provision. There were many strengths identified by these external members of school leadership and I would like to share a few of these with you:

- The rich questioning which was probing and deepened the    understanding of the children

- When questioned, the pupils articulate well and are confident when doing so. Pupils have a positive attitude and engage well

- Pupils have a culture of curiosity which supports their progress in learning

- Pupils have good prior knowledge, they refer to this when answering questions and use it well

- There is a positive attitude towards reading and writing across the whole school

We should like to wholeheartedly thank our PSA for working so hard to raise additional funds to support the daily life of the Primary School. You will all shortly see new equipment in the Arc and around the Arc play areas as the PSA have provided £5,000 to support the purchase of this new equipment.

We are currently working with our parents to prevent any lunch debts spiralling out of control. When I have spoken to parents about their situation it is almost always due to the parent forgetting to upload money onto Parentpay. It would be a great help to school if parents could remember to upload money at the weekend to ensure that they are ahead of the game and that their accounts are in credit at the start of the week. I would like to thank you in advance for doing this.

5 tips towards helping your child stay safe online
1. Prioritise Safety - teach children not to give out personal information, like their name, address, telephone number, or which school they go to.
2. Set Parental Controls - agree a list of websites your child is allowed to visit, and remember to check the minimum age limit on services like Facebook and YouTube.
3. Discuss Their Activity - take an interest in their online world. Talk to them about their favourite websites, videos, and their online friends.
4. Set Boundaries - establish time limits for activities such as using the internet and games consoles. Make sure to set aside time for “unplugged” family activity.
5. Be Open - let them know that they can tell you about anything that happens on the internet, and that you’ll listen without judgement. 
Year 5's trip to The British Museum
On Wednesday 5th February Year 5 went on a trip to the British Museum. They went on a journey back in time to Ancient Egypt and explored what it would be like to be a pharaoh.
Storyteller Competition 
Years 3-6 were given the opportunity to take part in a ‘storyteller’ competition to celebrate National Storyteller Week.
After hours of reading and re-reading stories (they were all too good!), we finally chose the winners who are listed below. A massive well done to all the pupils who took part! 
Overall Winner 

Nursery Summary 
It has been a very busy half term in ARA nursery. We have been learning all about emergency services and people who dedicate their lives to saving us as a profession. Pupils had the opportunity to learn all about fire-fighters, policemen/women, doctors and dentists.
Firstly, pupils explored dentistry, learning how dentists look after our teeth and getting to practice by brushing dolls teeth with real toothpaste and brushes. They were able to use real dentistry equipment to investigate some big teeth and even their own. From this, pupils learned the importance of brushing teeth twice a day in order to prevent any cavities and loss of teeth.
Next they looked at doctors! This was a very interesting topic for them. They learnt how to listen to the heartbeat using a stethoscope. They also learnt a lot about how the human body works, using balloons to see how our lungs help us to breathe.
Next up was fire-fighters; they got to put out fires and checked all the fire extinguishers around the WHOLE school.  
Pupils had a lot of fun learning about all of these professions and some may even consider a career path in these fields in the future! 
Pupils got the opportunity to work alongside police who paid a visit to the academy, learning about the different ways they use their job to protect the public; they even got to try on their hats, jackets and got to hide behind their shield! 
They had the opportunity to sit in the police van, testing out the lights and sirens!
We're very excited to see what the next term brings!
Issue 81 
14th February 2020
Primary Phase Key Dates
24th - Back to school!
25th - Year 2 Trip to RAF museum in Hendon
6th - Dazzle Day, Class Assembly: Starfish
9th - Group class photos
16th - 20th Year 6 Mock SATS week
25th - Year 6 police talks
3rd - Last day of term
6th - 17th - Easter break 
Click here for the full Academy Calendar (dates are subject to possible changes)

Overall Attendance for the week commencing 3rd February was 95.2%
Octopus  98.3%

Peacock  96.3%
Owl  97.4%
Turtle  97.1%
Starfish  96.1%
Albatross  96.6%
Panda  95.4%
Koala  92.4%
Eagle  97.9%
Elephante 94.6%
Giraffe  93.3%
Lobster  94.3%
Squirrel  90.4%
Kestrel  97%
Lynx  98%
Coral  94.7%
Dormouse  91.7%
Dove  94.8%
Kingfisher  96.7%

Parent View
Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us and we are always keen to hear your thoughts. You can leave your feedback on Ofsted's Parent View website.
Home Corner
Giving you ideas for learning with your child at home
E-Safety Top Tips:
• Did you know the minimum age for Facebook is 13?
• Did you know the minimum age for Instagram is 13?
• Did you know the minimum age for Snapchat is 13?
BBC Schools
Search for learning games, activities, worksheets to help your child learn at home: Click here for BBC Schools resources
National Literacy Trust 
The NLT provides lots of great ideas for learning at home with your child. 
Click here for NLT inspiration and resources!
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