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MUDEC Méinden Fall 2019 #11
MUDEC Méinden Fall 2019 #11
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MUDEC Méinden-Weekly news from the MUDEC community for the MUDEC community-#lifelongMUDEC

Fall 2019 #11 | November 4, 2019

Welcome Back to MUDEC! 
Welcome back to all MUDEC students! Including the time spent on the Study Tours, most of you have now been away from Luxembourg for more than two weeks, studying, discovering, enjoying and hopefully, having fun! While Italy and Greece seem to have been the most popular destinations, the sheer diversity of places to visit around Europe makes MUDEC such an ideal location for a semester abroad.

I am sure most of you had that familiar saying from The Wizard of Oz going through your heads as you arrived back in Luxembourg this past weekend; “there’s no place like home”. After more than 2 months, Luxembourg really is home and I am sure it felt great to return home after being away for so long.

That feeling of being at home is why staying with a local host family is such an essential part of the MUDEC experience. You came back to your bed, in your room, in your house and there is nothing like that feeling.

Now it is time to do laundry, throw yourselves back into classes, and strap your seat belts on as the rest of the semester will seem like a blur. A MUDEC semester is much like a rollercoaster. It takes a while to reach the top, but then it seemingly accelerates at breakneck speed until the end. With Lectures, a Chili evening, Student Fairs, Thanksgiving (2019 and 1944!), Brie with Briot, two Discovery Tours, a Philharmonie concert and more there are still so many things to experience and ways to engage before the end of the semester. Take advantage of it all and enjoy every moment.

Dean Theirry Leterre wearing a black suit with Miami pin smiling with trees in the background
Dr. Thierry Leterre is the Dean of MUDEC
Waht's Up this week


  • Study Tour Recaps
  • Study Abroad Day and Student Fair
  • Lecture by Dr. Amir Duranović 
  • Professor's Corner- Professor Anthony Smith-Meyer Podcasts 
  • Gifts for Kids Coming to the Chateau! 
  • Travel Photos  

Study Tour Recaps

For the past two weeks, students have been traveling throught Europe for study tours of their respective classes, and ending the spree with some independent travel. These study tours are a treasured tradition in the MUDEC community and this year students were able to travel to Barcelona, Vienna, Prague, Slovenia, Bosnia, and Copenhagen. These field trips give students a chance to experience concepts they learn in the classroom on a week-long interactive tour in cities most relevant to their classes. Take a look below at some fun photo recaps as well as a faculty testimonial!

Barcelona, Spain

Students at the gate house to the Finca Güell, by Antoni Gaudí. Four girls posing in front of Barcelona in high up place
Ellie Winebrunner and Maddy Stanger making Paella in Barcelona Five girls taking a selfie in Barcelona
students at the reconstructed German Pavilion for the 1929 International Exhibition, by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe students at the table for cooking class
"Going to Barcelona with my ARC251L class was a switch from my two most recent Fall semester study tours in 2014 and 2015, when we went to Vienna. Barcelona presented me with the opportunity to get to expose the students to what is Spanish culture, and specifically the culture of Catalunya as seen in its neighborhoods (and to get to speak my native Spanish). So a highlight for me was taking the group to see neighborhoods with significant examples of turn of the (19th to 20th) century, Republican, Franquista, and post-Franco housing. From our initial orientation climb to Mont Juïc to get an appreciation of the vastness of the city, to our visit the last day of the Museu del Disseny and its exhibits of consumer objects and fashion design, we covered a lot of ground both physically (I think we averaged 8-9 miles per day on foot) and historically. Significant visits were that of the reconstructed German Pavilion from the 1929 International Exposition by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (a jewel of 20th century architecture), the Casa Milà by Antoni Gaudi (1905-10), and the Casa Bloc by Josep Lluis Sert and others, of 1932-43. 

The best part, however, may well have been the “cultural experience”: the student cooking our welcome dinner! And, no, there were no significant demonstrations (except for one of Chilean ex-pats demonstrating in support of the general strike in Santiago de Chile)
- Professor Gerardo Brown-Manrique 
Copenhagen, Denmark
Students in front of the little mermaid Students participating in the Viking games!
Students on a viking boat Students at Tivoli for Halloween
Slovenia and Bosnia
Group standing outside of building in Slovenia with Miami flag Group standing outside bee sanctuary with Miami Flag in Bosnia
Students on a walking tour in Slovenia students at Lake Bled

Vienna and Prague 

Four girls posing on the Charles Bridge in Prague Dean Mannes with Clayton and another student at the interactive music museum
Traditional Schnitzel dinner in Vienna Professor Backes

Uni Lux Study Abroad Day

MUDEC will be repping Miami multiple times this week to prospective students from Luxembourg. This year, the University of Luxembourg is organizing its first Study Abroad Day on Wednesday afternoon for all students who are planning to do their exchange semester during the academic year 2020-2021. For students of the University of Luxembourg attending the fair is a must! It gives students the opportunity to find out about partner institutions, speak to students who have gone abroad and interact with exchange students from around the world. There will also be a series of info sessions and workshops throughout the fair. To learn more click below:
Study Abroad Day

Luxembourg "Foire de l'Étudiant" Student Fair

The "Foire de l'Étudiant" college fair for high school students will take place this Thursday and Friday and MUDEC will be repping Miami here as well. With over 250 exhibitors, this is the primary event for high school students in Luxembourg to discover different college and career paths. To learn more click below:
Student Fair

Lecture by Dr. Amir Duranović

This semester's lecture series continues on Tuesday night at 17:30. Dr. Duranović is Professor of modern day Bosnian history at the Department of History of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo. At the University of Sarajevo he received his master's and doctoral degrees in topics in the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is a participant of numerous conferences and roundtables in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad, contributor and leader on domestic and international projects. 

He is researching topics in contemporary Bosnian history, problems of historiography and methodology of historical research. He is the author of the book The Powerful Echo of Brijuni: Echoes of the Brijuni Plenum in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1966, as well as articles, discussions, accounts and contributions of contemporary history. He is an active participant in international cooperation and networking projects, and has been a researcher and visiting lecturer at Humboldt University in Berlin and Diderot University in Paris (Paris 7). Here a short video clip with his commentary on the 20th anniversary of the Dayton Peace Agreeement, which officially ended the war in Bosnia.

Professor's Corner: Professor Anthony Smith-Meyer's Management 291 Podcast 

You will find links to the latest Mgt 291 podcasts below:
Christmas tags
Gifts for Kids Coming to the Château
Tomorrow, Tuesday November 5th, a special delivery will be made to the Chateau in the form of our first Christmas tree of the season! Since 1996, The American Women’s Club of Luxembourg (AWCL) has been organizing and leading Gifts for Kids, a volunteer-run, community-driven charitable initiative to bring St. Nicholas Day presents to children living in Luxembourg foyers. For each of the last three years, the AWCL has averaged approximately 800 presents being delivered to children for the holiday.

Every year, Gifts for Kids, a charitable initiative of the American Women's Club of Luxembourg, puts up a Christmas tree, or similar display to hang paper ornaments adorned with a gift wish from a child in a foyer, or foster home. Individuals choosing to participate will remove an ornament from the display and process a virement per instructions on the ornament to fund a wish. The organization is very excited to partner with Miami Unviersity again this year, as the more sponsors they have, the more opportunities for giving and more children recieve presents on St. Nicholas Day. They goal is to always increase the number of children they reach each year. So, if you see the tree, consider grabbing a tag and making a child smile this Christmas season. To learn more, read the article below!

Luxembourg Times: Gifts for Kids

Independent Travel Photos 

Take a look at where our students journeyed to this Touissant Break!

Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy 

Two girls in the Mediterranean Three girls in Positano Amalfi Coast, Italy

Mykonos and Athens, Greece 

Girls on rooftop in Mykonos, Greece Girls in bathing suits in Greece
Baylee Davis at the Acropolis Baylee Davis and Madison Rose at the Acropolis

Rome, Italy 

Mallory Sanchez and Carly Baldwin at the Trevi Fountain Alec Hoelker at the Colesseum Mallory Sanchez at the Leaning Tower of Piza
Odds and Ends

~Birthdays This Week~ 

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to:
Calihan Clayton with trees in background
Calihan Clayton- Nov 4th
Claire LaFrance posing in front of the Colesseum in Rome
Claire LaFrance- Nov 4th
Alana Tonghini on a Gondala in Venice
Alana Tonghini-Nov 4th
We wish you the best birthday yet! Cheers to another wonderful year! 
This Week's Schedule

Monday: Classes

Tuesday: Classes

Lecture by Dr. Amir Duranović at 17:30 in the Grand Hall
Stephane and SFC Welcome Back Chili for the Chilly Weather at 18:30

Wednesday: Classes

Uni Lux Study Abroad Day 14:00-17:30 in Belval

Thursday: Classes

Luxembourg Student Fair 10:00-18:30 at LuxExpo in Luxembourg City

Friday: No Classes

Luxembourg Student Fair 10:00-18:30 at LuxExpo in Luxembourg City

Résodiff Conference at the Château 9:00-17:00
Staff Absences: Andy Adams (Wednesday afternoon-Friday at the college fairs)
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