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The LSU Sport Management PhD program has a long-standing reputation for recruiting outstanding students and providing opportunities for research and publication. We’re known for our 100% success rate of placing graduates in tenure-track positions and producing scholars who make an impact in their careers and on the field of Sport Management. Check out our program video to hear from our faculty on what sets this program apart.

tiger eyes with purple overlay; text in yellow: Student Spotlights
photo of Devin Chun

Devin is from Honolulu, Hawaii. He graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s Shidler College of Business where he studied Management Information Systems. Devin has mostly worked in the technology field ever since, primarily in the commercial real estate sector. While working in technology, his primary focus was on project system implementation and information system security. Devin is nearly halfway through his master’s degree in Sport Management at LSU and will be moving to Baton Rouge to complete his program. Devin grew up playing soccer but has since enjoyed many other outdoor activities including hiking, surfing, golfing, and long-distance running. He has just completed his third marathon and plans to run one on each continent.

photo of Joy Heathington


Joy Heathington is a native of Huntsville, Alabama known as “The Rocket City.” She is an alumna of The University of Alabama where she pursued a bachelor's degree in Public Relations with a concentration in Sports & Entertainment Communication Management. Joy is currently a graduate student in the Sport Management program, reaching completion of her final modules. Her areas of interest are in Athlete Development, Management and Marketing. She is hoping to fuse her interests and background together in her future career as a Certified Sports Agent and credits her love of sports to her Dad, her first coach. Joy is also a big Lebron James fan and is hoping to work with him some day. She sends a special thanks to Dr. Martinez for this opportunity as well as recognizing her work ethic and talents as a future force in the sports industry. 
photo of Olga

Olga Khokhryakova started her first year as a Graduate Assistant and PhD student in the Sport Management program advised by Dr. Per Svensson. Her primary research focus area includes the role of social entrepreneurship and innovation in the field of sport for development. She is particularly interested in studying entrepreneurship during the formative stages of organizations and the role of organizational capacity building in underrepresented regions. Olga has been passionate about sport and social issues since 2014, when she visited Paralympic Games in Sochi. Several years later she launched SameSport, an online service that helps people with disabilities find inclusive sport activities in their area. Besides her own startup, her 12 years of industry experience include journalism, public relations, and project management, mainly in nonprofit organizations. Prior to LSU, Olga studied at the University of Arkansas as a Fulbright scholar, where she received MS in Community Health Promotion and graduate certificate in Entrepreneurship. In 2021 at Arkansas, she was recognized as an Outstanding MS Student in Health, Human Performance, and Recreation. Olga also holds a Master’s degree in Social History and Bachelor in Journalism from the HSE University in Moscow.
photo of King Saah


King Saah is a first-year PhD student in the Sport Management program. He was born in Liberia, but grew up in Côte d’Ivoire and Philadelphia. He played soccer in college at Cabrini University and received his master's from Temple University. King spent a year working in South Africa with an organization that uses soccer as a catalyst to engage people in different countries around Africa about HIV/AIDS and other health issues. After that, he was a head coach at a boarding school for three years. In 2017, King launched On Goal Liberia, his own sport for social change organization. Today the organization engages around 200 boys and girls in the program. Five of their players were recently selected to represent Liberia at a youth level. Prior to coming to LSU, King was a city director for Street Soccer USA, a nonprofit that used soccer to engage young people in underserved communities in Philadelphia. He also worked with different organizations to revitalize schoolyards and empty spaces in the city. He is currently a Huel D. Perkins Fellow, pursuing his PhD under the advising of Dr. Per Svensson. King’s primary research interest is focused on leadership in the field of sport for development. He is interested in the role of different leadership styles as well as leadership development to help support future leaders. Additionally, King’s secondary research interests involve studying funding models and fundraising in sport for development. 
tiger eyes with purple overlay; text in yellow: Alumni Spotlights
photo of Clay Harris


A native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Clay Harris attended Louisiana State University and Southeastern Louisiana and has a BA in Business Administration, a Masters in Sport Management and an MBA. 
He joined Texas A&M Ventures as General Manager in August 2019. Harris previously held the same role for both the University of Houston and Rice University for Learfield IMG College. Before assuming his current role, Harris led Houston Cougar Sports Properties’ revenue growth and business performance success for four years. Beginning as the Associate General Manager in 2014, Harris was instrumental in the successful opening of TDECU Stadium and led the property to unprecedented sales growth. In 2015, he assumed daily management of the staff at Houston and the day-to-day leadership of IMG College’s relationship with the school’s senior administration. On top of his role as General Manager of both University of Houston & Rice University, Harris played a significant role in the sales and operations at the annual University of Texas versus Oklahoma football game in Dallas, Texas. 
Harris’s first experience in collegiate sports was at Tulane University as General Manager for IMG College. In this position, he was an integral part of the opening of Tulane’s on campus football stadium, Yulman Stadium. He began his career with the National Senior Games Association, leading its nationwide sponsorship sales efforts and as a Marketing Associate for the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans.
photo of Empress Davenport


Empress is from Dallas, Texas. She graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in the spring of 2016. While at UT, she was a four-year starter on the women’s basketball team, helping her team achieve multiple NCAA tournament appearances. After completing her Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Applied Learning and Development, she went on to play professionally. Following her retirement from professional basketball, she then became a collegiate coach, giving back to athletics and women's basketball what it gave to her. Empress started her collegiate coaching career at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. After completing three seasons at Lamar, she was afforded an opportunity to advance her career with an offer to be a recruiting coordinator in addition to an assistant coach at The University of Texas at San Antonio. After her first season at UTSA, Empress earned her Master’s Degree in Kinesiology- Sport Management in the hopes of becoming an athletic director for a power five institution.
Sport Management Research News
Our faculty have actively been pursuing their research interests and have recently contributed to the following publications: 
2022 Published Papers and Accepted/Early In-Press for Publication

Seifried, C.S., Downs, B.J., & Walker, K.B. (2023, Spring). College Football Playing Grounds at Ohio University: The Development of a Historical Marker. Ohio History.

Williams, D.P., Tutka, P., & Seifried, C.S. (accepted). An Analysis of Research Methods in Leading Sport Marketing Journals: An Opportunity for Historical Research. Sport Marketing Quarterly.

Demiris T., & Seifried, C.S. (accepted). What to Know about Building Theory with Archival Research: Modes and Epistemological Orientations. International Journal of Sport Management.

Seifried, C.S., & Demiris, T. (accepted). New Deal Spending and Stadia: Constructions Utilized by the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Institutions. Journal of Intercollegiate Sport

Wanless, E., Seifried, C.S., Bouchet, A., & Valeant, A. (2022). The Diffusion of Natural Language Processing in Professional Sport. Sport Management Review. doi.org/10.1080/14413523.2021.1968174

Yan, G., Xue, H. H., & Seifried, C.S. (2022). Representations of Wrigley Field Redevelopment(s) in the Chicago Tribune: Neoliberal Discourse and Urban Politics. Sociology of Sport Journal, 39, 1-13.

Demiris, T., & Seifried, C.S. (2022). A Historical Study of the Path from Off-Campus to On-Campus Stadia: Stakeholders, Resources, and Contexts. Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics, 15, 50-74.

Seifried, C.S. (2022). The Evolution of Sport Management as an Academic Discipline and Future Research and Practices. In Shilbury, D. (ed.). A Research Agenda for Sport Management (pp. 37-54). Elgar Publishers.

Seifried, C.S., Martinez, J.M., Miller, J., & Croft, C. (2022). Fighting for Legitimacy: The Impact of Football and Stadia at the University of Southern Mississippi. Journal of Mississippi History, 84(3/4)

Tutka, P., & Seifried, C.S. (2022). The Early Synedochial Anchors of College Football: Football Fields and Facilities 1869-1903. Sport History Review, 53, 83-109.

Seifried, C.S., Oja, B., & Morse, A. (2022). Football and Facilities at the University of Colorado: Contributions before Folsom Field. Journal of Emerging Sport Studies, 7, 1-22.

Demiris, T., & Seifried, C.S. (2022). A Historical Study of the Path from Off-Campus to On-Campus Stadia: Stakeholders, Resources, and Contexts. Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics, 15, 50-74.

Otto, M. G., Martinez, J.M., & Barnhill, C. B. (2022). Why engagement matters in sport volunteer motivation. Journal of Applied Sport Management, 14(2), 34-45.

Qian, T. Y., Matz, R., Luo, L., & Xu, C. (2022). Gamification for value creation and viewer engagement in gamified livestreaming services: The moderating role of gender in esports. Journal of Business Research, 145, 482-494.

Qian, T. Y., Matz, R., Luo, L., & Zvosec, C. (accepted). Toward a better understanding of core and peripheral market demand for women’s spectator sports: An importance-performance map analysis approach based on gender. Sport Management Review.

Wang, J. J., Qian, T. Y., Li, B., & Mastromartino, B. (accepted). Reversing equity transfer in sponsorship for competitive advantage of emerging local events: Quantitative evidence from an experimental study. International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship.

Kang, S., & Svensson, P. G. (Accepted). The benefits and challenges of shared leadership in sport for development and peace collaboratives. Sport Management Review.

McSweeney, M., Svensson, P.G., Hayhurst, L., Safai, P. (2022). Social innovation, entrepreneurship, and sport for development and peace. London: Routledge.

Svensson, P. G., Jones, G., & Kang, S. (2022). The influence of servant leadership on shared
leadership development in sport for development. Journal of Sport for Development.

Svensson, P., & McSweeney, M. (In Press). Technology and sport for development: The past, present, and future. In M. Naraine, T.M. Hayduk, & J.P. Doyle (Eds.), Routledge handbook of digital sport management. London: Routledge.

Svensson, P. G. (2022). Social innovation in sport for development. In N. Schulenkorf, J. Welty
Peachey, R. Spaaij, and H. Collison’s (Eds.), Handbook of Sport and International Development. Edward Elgar.

Svensson, P. G. (2023). COVID-19 and innovation in community sport. In S. Frawley and N.
Schulenkorf’s (Eds.), Handbook for Sport and COVID-19. (pp. 318-328). Routledge.

Kang, S., & Svensson, P. G. (In Press). A framing analysis of organizational communications in sport 
for development. Managing Sport & Leisure.

Oja, B.D., Zvosec, C.C., & Kim, M. (Accepted). Reimagining Sport/Leisure Workplace Design and Management: Conceptualizing Sport/Leisure Employee Growth. Managing Sport and Leisure.  

Schuetz, L., Oja, B.D., & Zvosec, C.C., Kim, M., & Kerwin, S. (Accepted). Autonomy In Design: Reconciling Sport Employee Experiences for an Enhanced Future Sport Workplace. Managing Sport and Leisure.

Zvosec, C.C. & Baer, N. (Accepted). The Role of Athletics in the Future of Small Colleges: An Agency Theory and Responsibility Budgeting Approach. Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics.

Zvosec, C.C. & Baer, N. (Accepted). The Small College Financial Crunch: Using Athletics as a Leading Form of Enrollment Management. Case Studies in Sport Management.

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Zvosec, C.C., Oja, B.D., & *Baer, N. (Published Online). “Team Zebra”: An Exploration of Social Identity, Motivation, and Sport Officiating Persistence. Journal of Global Sport Management.

Oja, B.D., Stensland, P., Bass, J.R., & Zvosec, C.C. (Published Online). Under the Lights: The Legitimacy, Survival, and Institutionalization of Rural Amateur Baseball. Leisure Sciences.

Zvosec, C.C. & Bass, J.R. (2022). What it Means to “Win” in Small College Athletics: Strategic Contingency Theory and Alternative Success. Journal of Intercollegiate Sport, 15(1), 52-75.

Kim, M., Oja, B.D., Zvosec, C.C., & Lee, C.W. (2022). Workplace Innovation with Baby Boomers: The Role of Job Crafting for Performance and Well-Being. In Strategic Innovation: Research Perspectives on Entrepreneurship and Resilience. Springer Nature. 

Professional Service
Sport management faculty reviewed papers for the following journals: Technology and Culture, Academy of Management Learning & Education, Management Decision, Journal of Management History, Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics, Journal of Sport Management, Sport History Review, Journal of Sport History, International Journal of Sport Management, Journal of Sport Economics, Sport Management Education Journal, Journal of Intercollegiate Sport, International Journal of the History of Sport, Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal, VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, International Review for the Sociology of Sport, Journal of Global Sport Management, International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics, Sport Management Review, Nonprofit Management & Leadership, European Sport Management Quarterly, International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship, International Journal of Information Management, Managing Sport and Leisure, Sport Marketing Quarterly

Conferences Faculty & Doctoral Students Attend/Present Summer - Fall 2022

International Association for the Philosophy of Sport (State College, PA)

European Association for Sport Management (Innsbruck, Austria)

Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand (Melbourne, Australia)

Other News 
  • Chad Seifried joins Talent Development Committee for new university strategic planning
  • Chad Seifried presents at IAPS 2022 Conference.
  • Chad Seifried awarded a research grant from the Historical Society of New Mexico and Wyoming State Historical Society.
  • Chad Seifried awarded Summersell Center and University Library Travel Fellowship by the University of Alabama.
  • Tiffany Demiris hired into tenure-track position at St. Bonaventure University as Assistant Professor.
  • Per Svensson joins Internal Business and Operations Working Group for new university strategic planning.
  • Per Svensson appointed to Common Goal’s Global Quality Seal Committee
  • Per Svensson was awarded the 2022 EASM Best Conference Paper Award
  • Michael Martinez received the inaugural Distinguished Service and Mentorship Award from the Applied Sport Management Association.  
  • Tyreal Qian guest lectures at the University of Louisville on the topic of Survey Development.
  • Tyreal Qian guest lectures at Shanghai University of Sport on PLS-SEM.
  • King Saah and Olga Khokhryakova join the PhD program under the supervision of Per Svensson
  • Claire Zvosec finalist for best paper award in the Sport Management Education Journal. 


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