What to do during Competition Week
What to do during Competition Week
Navigate the New AMC: Administer the Competition
Welcome back to our email series guiding you through the new AMC Platform! We previously discussed how to register your participating students for the competition and how to prepare for the competition experience. This email will focus on how to host the new AMC during Competition Week, Jan. 17 to 23, including new updates from the AMC 10/12.
Reminder: Register and approve ALL participating students in your Competition Administration Portal before Competition Week, even if you are using paper competitions.

Those using Print & Scan Administration should also make sure all Competition Booklets and Answer Sheets are printed in advance. Unique, barcoded Answer Sheets are available to download for each approved student.

Step 1: Distribute the Competition
With the new AMC Platform, you no longer have to choose one format for administering the competition. You can choose to provide the AMC 8 digitally to some of your students, and in paper format for the rest.

Digital Administration: 

If you administered the AMC 10/12, make sure that you have selected the correct competition (AMC 8) from the drop-down list at the top of the Competition Administration Portal:
Screenshot of drop-down list for toggling competitions on Competition Administration Portal
Share the Student Login URL on the “Official Digital Competition” page of the Competition Administration Portal with all participants. 
Screenshot of Official Digital Competition Page with Student Registration URL & Digital Competition Passcode
Instruct your students to sign onto their Student Portal with the email and password they used during registration. 

Distribute the unique Digital Competition Passcode, found on your “Official Digital Competition” page, to your students when you're ready to begin. It is imperative that you do not share this code before it is time to administer the AMC 8. Participants will not be able to start the competition without this passcode. If you previously administered the AMC 10/12, this will be a new code.

Students will then be able to read through the instructions and will be told to wait for your signal before beginning.

Print & Scan Administration: 

Distribute all competition booklets and unique student Answer Sheets to the respective participants. Instruct your students to read the front page of the booklet and not to open it until instructed.
Step 2: Preview the Competition Experience
For Both Digital and Print & Scan Administration: 

Set the timer for 40 minutes. After the allotted time, direct students to stop working, instruct Digital Competition participants to submit their work, and immediately collect the Answer Sheets and competition booklets from Print & Scan students. 

For the AMC 8, Digital Competitions will have a countdown clock on the platform to help guide students, but the system will not automatically submit the competition when the clock runs out. This provides Competition Managers (CMs) more flexibility to provide extra timing in the case of unexpected interruptions. CMs are responsible for timing students independently of the digital platform.
For Digital Competition: Don't forget to time your students!
Digital Administration: 

From the Competition Administration Portal, open the “Digital Student Registration” page in the left column to see your student’s progress and check for final submission. The “Approved” column will indicate when each participant in your list has begun the competition. When a student has finished their competition, the "Approved" column will show “(Complete)”:
Digital Student Registration page showing student progress on the digital competition in the Approved column
Once you see that all participants are showing up as “Complete,” you are done with the competition! 

If you encounter any technical difficulties during the competition, please contact amctech@maa.org.

Reminders for Both Formats:

Once the competitions begin, continually monitor your students for the duration of the competition. You may not answer any questions about the problems and should ensure that no participant has the opportunity to communicate with any other person during the competition.

If there is an urgent need to use the bathroom, all materials should remain with you. No other breaks are permitted.
Remember: Only In-Person Proctoring Is Permitted
The MAA AMC has always required CMs to be affiliated with a physical location, even in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the last two cycles, we temporarily allowed remote proctoring solely in response to school buildings closing due to COVID-19. With schools reopened, we are now returning to our original in-person format.

In-person proctoring allows CMs to easily monitor students and identify if participants are communicating with one another. Read more about how we promote competition integrity here.

Need More Support?
2023 AMC8 Virtual Information Session: Using the New AMC Platform - Wednesday, Jan. 11, 5:30 p.m. ET
AMC Platform Training Webinar TONIGHT: At 5:30 pm ET this evening, Jan. 11, we will be walking through the new platform on Zoom so you can practice administration steps with our AMC team. Register here.

Teacher’s Manual: You can find this recently updated AMC 8 Teacher's Manual on the AMC 8 page.

Next Series Email: We’ll see you on Friday for a more detailed email with Competition Week instructions!
Questions? For AMC registration, policy, and payment, contact amcinfo@maa.org or 800-527-3690. For technical issues, contact amctech@maa.org.
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