The latest Chandler School Boosters news and updates
The latest Chandler School Boosters news and updates

By CSB President Amiee Valenzuela-Altomare
The new year of 2021 is off and running and already six weeks in. This is a great mid-school year checkpoint.
As a PTO, the removal and postponement of physical events has given you some time to pause and allow for some targeted fundraising. Folks are turning more to social media and/or email to hear from you with needs and updates on fundraising accomplishments.
Restaurant nights and Friday treats are still admissable and are being utilized by many groups.
Please continue to share any new approaches your group has added this year!
Thank you for all that you continue to do for CUSD! 
Click photo for recipe!

Slow Cooker Fondue

Arizona (sort of). This can be a fun way to have another stay at home evening as a family. Call it "Friday Night Fondue"! This is also a great recipe idea to pass along in your own email blasts and newsletters to your school communities.
* Add more fruit to your kids' diet!
* You can keep it gluten and dairy free!

Annual Pro-Rata Share Invoices

Invoices for the pro-rata share are anticipated to be emailed to officers by March 31.
Payments will be accepted by check, e-check, or debit/credit card. Prompt payment will be greatly appreciated. 

CSB Election Meeting

Thursday, April 29, 2021, 7pm - 8pm. Please watch for future details.
All board members for PTO and booster groups, as well as CSB reps and alternates, need to register on the
This is how you will continue to receive CSB communications. When creating your account, please be sure to fill out all information on the form.
* Please make sure ALL your board members have registered.
** Please pass these instructions on to incoming board members.
Register Here
We also need each member group to fill out the Application for Renewal Membership form and return to Erin via email:
With the changing of officers on your board, please be sure to review your group's bylaws as well as the CSB bylaws before the start of each new school year. As a reminder, your bylaws should conform to the Bylaws Template.
And if your group makes any changes to your bylaws, you must keep a copy for your records and submit a copy to Erin:
Bylaws Template
By CSB Director Lisa Knox
Hello and Happy February! I hope you all enjoyed some good family time over this past weekend as we celebrated President’s Day. Now, it’s back to business as we race toward the end of this third quarter. As I have stated before, the CSB and CUSD are so appreciative of your continued dedication to fundraising and supporting our schools and students, even in the midst of challenges associated with COVID. You all are amazing, and your commitment to ensuring that students and their families have the best experiences possible is remarkable.
Thank you for your attendance at our recent general meeting. It is wonderful to “see” so many of you on the Zoom platform. Your participation and questions are valued! I also appreciate the treasurers who diligently prepared the 1099 template and submitted it in January. I’m so very pleased with your follow-through to make sure the templates were submitted along with the required W-9’s. I encourage all of you to collect W-9’s from your vendors as the year progresses, so that you are not scrambling next December or January to gather them from vendors.
As we discussed during the general meeting on February 9, the Board is looking at ways to streamline and enhance accounting and banking processes and procedures to maximize efficiency and accountability. Treasurer James Jones has put in a great deal of time and effort in researching options. Thanks to him and the other board members for input and thoughtful consideration as they look for the best solutions. Stay tuned as further information becomes available.
Finally, please check out the other articles and reminders in this newsletter. And, as always, let us know how we can best serve you.

Financial Best Practices are NOT Just for Treasurers

By Lisa Knox
If you have been involved with a PTO or booster club for any given amount of time, chances are you’ve heard us talk about “good internal controls,” “proper accounting procedures,” “proper cash handling,” “financial oversight,” and a myriad of other similar terms. And you’ll hear us continue to talk about that regularly. There is a reason for that. Nationwide, instances of suspected fraud and misappropriation of funds in PTO and boosters organizations has been on the rise. And, unfortunately, CSB member groups are not exempt from such claims. In fact, each year, the CSB is involved in investigating one or more reports of suspected fraud or misappropriation. There have been claims ranging from unbudgeted or unapproved expenditures, to theft via debit card misuse, to theft via undocumented cash withdrawals. In some cases, the investigations have led to the filing of reports with law enforcement agencies.
So what can your group do to protect itself? Begin by watching for these Financial Red Flags:
* The Treasurer does not complete a bank reconciliation every month, which is reviewed by a non-signer on the bank account.
* Bank statements/reports not seen by treasurer, president, other signers on the account (if applicable), and board members on a monthly basis.
Fundraiser deposits that include only checks and no cash.
* Financial reports not given at executive or regular meetings.
* Beginning balance on financial reports doesn’t agree with last reported ending balance.
Financial reports do not show each deposit, each check written, figures do not balance/total.
* Money being counted by only one person.
* Missing checks or deposits.
* Checks made out to family members.
* Cash withdrawals.
* Checks made out to "Cash".
* Debit card transactions at businesses not applicable to normal for PTO/booster business.
* Two or more signers on the bank account related, married, or residing in the same household.
* Receipts not being given for money received.
* Invoices/Receipts missing from documentation.
* Budget not approved by membership.
* Fundraising activities not approved by membership.
* Amount of profit doesn’t agree with amount in contract signed with fundraising company.
* Less money deposited for fundraiser than paid to company for product received.
* Bills are received for items not in budget or approved by membership.
* PTO/Booster Club members profit monetarily from any fundraiser.
With awareness of these red flags and all board member eyes on the lookout for weak practices like these, you position yourselves nicely to ensure best practices ARE in place to avoid falling victim to fraud and misappropriation of funds.

Board Removal

By Michelle Dexter
Putting together a board of volunteers can be a daunting project. You want to balance giving everyone a chance to participate, while finding people who work well together and will get the job done. Sometimes people volunteer and then have unexpected issues that prevent them from performing their duties. Other times, there is a conflict of interest, unethical behavior or a toxic environment that needs to be addressed. Board cohesion is an important part of being effective.
If your board runs into an issue, consider these options
1. Select someone to have a private and frank discussion with the board member about the issues that are arising. Perhaps a conversation about what the organization needs and how the member is needed to participate can help get everyone back on the same page. The issue of the board, or a specific member, should not be publicized in any way. Handle it as the sensitive issue it is.
a. This can be done with a simple resignation by the board member.
b. Take a temporary leave of absence. If the issues are expected to be temporary, consider if this will resolve the issue for everyone. Identify what powers, abilities, and voting rights your member has during their leave of absence.
c. Keep in mind, resignation or temporary leave of absence does not have to mean that they stop contributing all together. Allow them to contribute what they can without the full burden of continuing on the board, if that will resolve the issue(s).
2. Give the board member the opportunity to gracefully bow out.
3. Most of our current by-laws do not have provisions for term limists or impeachment that would otherwise force the board member to leave the board. Both can come with pros and cons, but should be implemented in the organization’s by-laws before an issue arises. However, even without specific rules on these methods, if additional action is required, please consult Robert’s Rules of Order for how to proceed.
If you have lost a board member, some action may be needed. Review your by-laws to see who you are required to replace (President, Secretary, Treasurer) and how you are expected to replace that person, whether the President appoints a new member or if the board votes someone in to finish out the year.
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