Spring 2023 News: Graduation, Insurance Wins, Launching New Programs, O'My!
New co-directors Sarah Davis and Jill Jacklitz
A message from our co-directors,
Jill and Sarah
We love Spring. We love the excitement of students finishing the academic year and anticipating summer opportunities to continue their learning and take one more step towards their future careers as change agents. And some of our students, like Guy, pictured with us above, graduate. Guy was among the cohort that started during COVID and spent their time with us serving patients in a 100% remote environment! They made it through their programs and we are so glad they are taking the next steps in their journeys as health advocates.
We also love that we continue to win insurance appeals -- saving patients thousands of dollars $$$. In fact, we are so sucessful that we are formalizing our work with the UW Health Gender Services Clinic by launching a dedicated LGBTQ+ Health Advocacy Clinic! See details below and on our website.
In this newsletter, we also share other happenings at CPP -- from updates on research and new staff, to radio interviews and what we are publishing. Don't hesitate to refer friends and family to our services.
We wish you good health!
Our best,
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Free Health Advocacy Services for

ALL Wisconsinites

For over 20 years, we have provided free health advocacy to patients in need. As needs change, we remain nimble to help. We help patients facing life-changing health events, including cancer diagnoses. We have also specificically been asked to help with:
  • health-related legal issues arising from the COVID pandemic,
  • people losing access to care due to the Medicaid unwinding, and
  • those seeking gender-affirming healthcare.
If you or someone you love could benefit from health advocacy of any kind -- refer them to us! If we are not the best resource, we will make sure to connect them to available services.
Apply for Free Advocacy Services Here
Click here to learn more about the Event and RSVP here!
What makes community?
A story of tiny mushrooms

Last fall, tiny mushrooms, in all colors of the rainbow, started to appear in the Health Justice Clinic. First, it was one or two. Then, groups formed. They made us smile. We all arranged them differently. In lines. In communities. We started asking students and staff, "Are you the mushroom person? Are you the one making us smile by a simple act of kindness?" The work of health advocacy can be a slog. It takes persistence. Little things can make a big difference. On her last day, our student worker Chee revealed that she had been planting the mushrooms. We so appreciate a community filled with wonder and joy!

Recent Publications & Radio Interviews

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Building Trust

Q-HER Lab Corner

Happenings at the Qualitative and Health Experiences Lab

So much great work is happening with our Action Research colleagues at the Q-HER Lab, including:
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The mobile App in action

LIFT Wisconsin Corner

Reinstate Driver's License Using the Mobile Tool!
Anyone in Wisconsin who has lost their license because of accumulated fines and fees can now receive guidance on addressing the causes of license suspension and getting back on the road!
What's this got to do with health?  No license = limited access to affordable food, daycare, and the work-place. Many employers require a valid license (using it as a background check) or are hard to reach without wheels.
Click Here for the Free 'Legal Tune Up' Tool!
Welcome Chris! CPP's New Administrative Manager
Chris Lacey has been with the University of Wisconsin-Madison for 20 years. With a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, Chris brings a diverse set of skills to her role as lead administrator at CPP.
She also has experience in non-profit management and is a dedicated advocate for autism awareness. In her free time, she likes to garden, do arts and crafts, and enjoy the outdoors.
Chris Lacey
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