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Events! Announcements! Applications!

Tiger Pantry Pick Up

Tiger Pantry picks up continue to be held in the University Center, with no registration process. Tiger Pantry is available for students who enrolled for Summer or Fall classes.  Please maintain social distancing measures while picking up and masks are required. One person will be allowed to enter the office at a time. Be prepared to complete the survey and present your ID. 
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The Pandemic Coping Project aims to see how well different coping strategies work for different people during this challenging time of COVID-19, so we are reaching out to as many people as possible to participate since almost everyone is feeling the impact of the pandemic. 
For people who want to participate, fill out the initial questionnaire, it takes no more than 15 minutes.  
A short questionnaire is then automatically sent out to assess how well the coping strategies are working at the end of week one and again at the end of week two. The other possible coping strategies, besides the one someone is assigned to, will be revealed once that person has finished the study. This is so people have the option to try out other strategies that they might find helpful once the study is complete!
The link to the Pandemic Coping Project  (May have to copy in to your browser.)

You've got Tiger Mail!

The coronavirus has created a large amount of uncertainty and worry throughout the world. Maybe it has even put you in a funk. Funks are not fun but its possibly some un-funking can be done. What's that you say? Lets send some Tiger Spirit someone's way! With a quick fill of our form, you can send a note to someone who may be stuck alone, in a funk, or working hard to help those around them. From peers, to professors, to administrators, and staff, you can send something happy or a good laugh! Help create some positive in the Tiger atmosphere. Join us today and send some Tiger Spirit someones (or multiple someones) way!
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