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October 2021
News That Rocks
It's Rocktober!
It's SCARY how fast this season has gone by - check out all that's happening!

'Cause this is thriller, Thriller Night... Summer 2021 Michael Jackson Show Cast is ready for the show.

Summer 2021 Season Show Performances & New Fall Season 

Our Summer 2021 show season is just about over and we are ready to Rock The Pie Shop on October 2nd and Glen Echo Park on October 9th!  This has been a fun season with a lot of growth for our Performance Program students and they are ready to show off all their hard work and have some fun.   Here's the Facebook event to our show tomorrow, October 2nd, with details.  Check our facebook page and website for more information.

Fall Performance Program Show Sign Up is Happening NOW

As always, when a season ends, a new one begins!  We've got a great fall line up of shows coming your way.   How many of you guessed our show themes last month using the clue?  Here's the answers:

Can't Buy Me Love (The Beatles) if The Boys Are Back In Town (Thin Lizzy) and we're Waiting On The World To Change (John Mayer).

We are doing our show castings so email us TODAY if you haven't signed up yet! silverspring@schoolofrock.com 

Welcome Mark!

Our Sunday Staff is Growing
Say hello to our latest addition to the SoR Staff Family, Mark Bowen. Mark will be teaching guitar on Sundays with us and working a couple days a week at our Vienna school as well. Mark is all about the rock, whether its with a guitar or climbing a rock wall. He has been teaching young people to jam guitar since the golden age of Nirvana. With over 20 years teaching students, and over 25 years on the Baltimore-Washington music scene, Mark knows how to help students find their joy in music. Many of his students have gone on to successful music careers - as recording artists, sound engineers, and instrument-makers. 

Adult Rock 101 would love to expand

Our current Adult Rock 101 group is geling with their new vocalist and enjoying the new set of songs they've added to the set list since he came on board.  This month we will welcome a new guitarist to the group and look forward to seeing how they will shake things up.  We are curious how many more Adult Lessons Only students are ready to step into a group experience and might like to have a performance program option.  If you have been considering joining in on the fun.  Contact Rose on the School line 301-589-7625. 

Rock 101 and Rock Lab Graduations

It all starts in Rock 101 and our Fall classes are filling up!  Rock 101 is a core element of School of Rock where our beginner students grow into musicians and gain the experience needed for entering the Performance Program.  We had a few Rock 101ers and all of our Wednesday Rock Lab (Rock 101 sessions for older kids) class graduate into the Fall 2021 Performance Program. Congratulations and a big welcome to them! These graduations have created space for new students to start their journey, so if you haven't yet solidified a class time for your rocker this Fall, call Rose on 301-589-7625.

House Band Auditions are Coming!

It's almost time for auditions for our audition-only bands.  We hold auditions in early November and select House Band members for the 2022 year of gigging. Interested?  To qualify you must be in Performance Program and have at least 2 seasons under your belt.  Bring your parents, and attend the mandatory pre-audition zoom interest meeting on Sunday, October 24th at 4PM where you will learn all about what the commitment is, the plan for 2022 and you can get your questions answered.  We will be sending out a sign up sheet but get this date on your calendar now!

Student Spotlight of the Month - Meet Mina

Mina joined School of Rock in June of 2020.  They are currently taking guitar lessons with Jeff. He has been very impressed by their progress and openess to trying new and different material. He would love for them to be involved in the next Rock Lab sessions on Wednesdays to get them prepared for the Performance Program so we're getting that lined up.
And now, without further adieu, the Ramblin' Rose interview with Mina.  
So Mina, you've been with the school for over a year, right?
Yes, I think so.  It doesn't feel like that long. I've only had three lessons in person so far - before that I was online.
I know, it's great to have you in the building now.  It does make a difference.  I think you will see yourself progress much quicker now. Next step is getting you in a group!
Did you have any lessons on guitar or musical experience before joining us? 
No, not really for guitar. I did play flute in the school band. 
So, you're taking guitar lessons with Jeff, how do you like that?
I like working with Jeff, and my friend Sylvia also has Jeff as a teacher, so it's nice we can talk about what we are doing. 
That's great I didn't realize you knew Sylvia, how fun, we love Sylvia.
Who are your musical influences? Do you have a favorite guitarist?
I don't know. Green Day.  I think my favorite band is Mother Mother. I don't know if I have a favorite guitarist though.  
Is your family musical?
My dad plays guitar and used to be in a band. My Uncle is in a band and collects guitars.  
Any desire to play another instrument?
In general I'd like to learn more.  I like the way the bass sounds and keys -  I'd like to learn that.
What do you like most about School of Rock?
I really like my teacher and that Sylvia is also here too. She would talk about it but now I get to see it myself.
We're looking forward to watching Mina grow in the program - Rock on Mina!


with our Music Director -  Brooks 
PRACTICE - Before you play a note in a rehearsal or performance, make sure you are well prepared! Your individual practice time shapes your musical identity more than anything else, but if we're not careful practice can feel dull and draining. When you sit down to practice, have a goal in mind and a structure in place to guide you. Don't just sit down and jam to songs you already know how to play, work on songs you need to know for your group program as well as the exercises your instructor has assigned you. Remember to warm up to prevent any injury or strain from practice. Be patient with yourself as you learn new techniques and remember that good practice habits don't develop overnight, they require discipline and repetition. It's what you do when no one's watching that can set you apart from the rest of the pack, so make sure to work hard and work smart this upcoming season! 

A reminder for all group rehearsals

As we start a new Season at School of Rock we'd like to remind everyone in a group  that ear protection is a requirement for rehearsals.  This past season there was a massive up tick in students that came unprepared without ear protection.  Remember to keep an extra set of ear plugs in your guitar case or stick bag so you always have them. There are lots of options for ear protection. We recommend Earaser brand but any earplugs designed for muscians will do the trick. This season if you come unprepared, your account will be charged for the ear plugs provided.   If you like planning ahead, a nice set of reusable plugs in a case would make a nice stocking stuffer or gift suggestion for your musician.  And remember, if we need to provide you with a pair, it's a $2 charge.

COVID Safety

We are staying the course with our COVID-19 safety protocols that have been working well.  So all who enter must continue to be checked in and be masked up along with our other protocols.  Our SOR community has really done a terrific job of working together to keep each other safe and we so appreciate how everyone has erred on the side of caution and stayed home when they have any illness.  Rose can go over all our protocols in more detail if you need more info.  We are very conscious that our younger students cannot be vaccinated and we want to provide a safe environment for all.  

Mark Your Calendar

October 2nd - Summer 2021 Performance Program Season Show #1 at the Pie Shop
October 9th - Summer 2021 Performance Program Season Show #2 at Glen Echo Park
Week of October 11th - Fall 2021 Performance Program Rehearsals begin
October 24th - House Band & JV House Band Parent/Student Interest Meeting
October 25th - 31st - Happy Halloween! We will be Rocktobering the last week of the month in our groups and rehearsals.   Stay tuned for more details!

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