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Planning Your Website: Six Simple Steps
Planning Your Website: Six Simple Steps

By Paul Provost, President

Whether you plan on developing a new company website in-house or through a marketing agency, proper research, planning and goal-setting is imperative. Thorough website planning ensures that all parties are on the same page working towards the same goals. If you choose to contract the site to an agency, doing your own planning beforehand helps with the estimating process and will save both you and the agency time and money.

Web Design Trends

By Frank Werhmann
, Creative Director
While each of you runs a different business, from a design perspective, your needs are all the same: Your new visitors need to know who you are and what you do in about 30 seconds. Repeat visitors need to find want they need to make a decision quickly + effortlessly.
Here are some of the more popular design trends that help make that happen.
1. “Flat art” buttons and links:
The kind of buttons and social channel links used by iOS7, Android and Windows 8 operating systems, are coming to a website near you and replacing “3-D jelly-bean” and “Chiclets with a drop-shadow” that were all the rage a few years ago.
2. Simple colour schemes:
The days of digital velvet flock, grass-cloth, shot silk and linen background wallpapers are over (for now). While I’m sure they’ll return along with paisley and flared jeans, for now solid + translucent pastels colours compliment flat art buttons. 
3. One large (still) image instead of a “slider”:
Some web designers are mimicking magazine ads: they use one big image along with a bit of carefully crafted copy to set the stage for the brand “story”. The short “corporate copy” looks more like an elevator script than an “About” page.

Marketing Planning Seminar
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