Obtain heat recovery when air streams are not in close proximity
Obtain heat recovery when air streams are not in close proximity
HRM-V Split Passive Heat Pipe Series
Unique to heat pipe thermo-syphon systems, the HRM-V Split Passive Heat Pipe Series gives the design engineer a lot of flexibility and more importantly ZERO cross contamination. And, unlike water run arounds, it comes with
  • higher effectiveness,
  • no moving parts and
  • better efficiency. 
A typical system is comprised of 3 circuits, each circuit combines two rows of heat exchangers. Each circuit has a vapor header at the top end and a liquid header at the bottom. With a permanent elevational difference between supply and exhaust air streams, it can be optimized for the season that yields the most BTUs. In the lesser season, and depending on elevational difference, some recovery will also take place, but far less than the more dominant season. Read More
When supply and exhaust coils are on the same level, and summer as well as winter recovery are equally important, an HRM-V with a Dynamic Seasonal Offset (DSO™) system is utilized. This system will yield equal cool and heat recovery with 45% effectiveness on average when used in a 6 row system and 500 fpm air velocity. The remarkable design of this HRM-V™ product, optimizes energy recovery performance 20-35% over older side-by-side (no offset) designs. Optimized performance is achieved by using integral face dampers to direct flow through sections of the heat pipes to create an offset effect, thus enhancing performance. The dampers are controlled from a single heating/cooling changeover signal that always keeps the condenser side of the heat pipes higher than the evaporator.

College Finds More Than Just Savings with Unique Energy Recovery Technology

When a college in Maryland began planning for its new Science Center, they not only placed an emphasis on optimized energy savings, but also needed to keep an eye on first costs. Energy recovery was a no-brainer, but since the air handling units were serving laboratories in addition to classrooms and offices, cross-contamination of the airstreams was a concern. Then when the Architect wanted to look at placing the air handling units on the roof instead of in a mechanical room as a cost savings measure, their real challenge to design an effective heat recovery system within those parameters began.
Find out how the college used HPT’s HRM-V Split Passive Heat Pipes for the solution.


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