April Highlights at ANP Lighting
April Highlights at ANP Lighting
ANP Lighting Employee Spotlight ~ Doris Wilson

At ANP Lighting, we value dedication and passion, and no one exemplifies these traits better than Doris Wilson. With an impressive 25-year tenure at ANP Lighting, Doris has become an integral part of our team, weaving her expertise and enthusiasm into every facet of her work.

Doris's ANP journey began in 1998 when she joined the company, bringing a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence. Through the years, she has taken on diverse responsibilities within the company, primarily focused on accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll. Doris is also always open to lend a helping hand wherever needed, whether assisting in customer service or addressing office matters.
Something Doris values most about her role is the opportunity it provides to interact with such a vibrant array of personalities among her colleagues and customers. Her ability to connect with people on various levels reflects her collaborative nature and dedication to fostering positive relationships within the ANP community.

In addition to her workplace contributions, Doris enjoys a fulfilling personal life. As the attached pictures show, she enjoys staying healthy with walking, hiking, and dancing. Additionally, her festive spirit is captured in the photo with colleagues celebrating Ugly Christmas Sweater day.

Originally from Canada, Doris moved to California in 1990, where she worked 8 years with a different company before sadly closing its doors. Not to worry though as she soon after found her professional home here at ANP Lighting. Starting in customer service, she honed her skills and later transitioned into accounts payable and accounts receivable roles where she still serves to this day.

Doris Wilson shares the values of dedication, adaptability, and genuine connection that define ANP Lighting. Her unwavering commitment to her work and vibrant team presence make her a cherished family member. As we celebrate her milestone of 25 years with ANP, we thank Doris for her invaluable contributions and we look forward to sharing many more years of success and camaraderie.
An innovative and elegant alternative to light poles and wall sconces, Catenary Mount Luminaires pair with ¼” cables strung between buildings and other points high above streetscapes, courtyards, and patios. Providing a canopy of comfortable illumination, this heavy-duty outdoor suspension lighting system is tested to withstand normal use vibration levels and is constructed of cast and spun aluminum. The pendant mounting hubs may be locked in tilt positions up to 30 degrees, allowing flexibility in providing directional light. Dark Skies friendly, the Catenary Mount Luminaires are part of the versatile EQ Collection offered by ANP Lighting. All fixtures in the collection are made in America and designed to complement a variety of architectural aesthetics. 
Please visit https://www.anplighting.com/catalog/eq101 to learn more. 

Custom Catenary Options

ANP also can create custom catenary solutions for your spaces. Pictured above is showcased at Tampa Water Street in Florida.

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Congratulations to the following Agency Reps!

In January, we incentivized our agency partners to share social posts on our Oversized Shades content to win an agency luncheon. We received so many fantastic posts and shares. We were humbled by the participation.

KSA Lighting in Illinois and Crown Lighting Group in North Carolina are our winners! Be on the lookout for your event details coming soon.

We will run a similar contest at the end of the year!
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