Answers to FAQs + virtual events
Answers to FAQs + virtual events
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March 30, 2020
Greetings from the Tufts Career Center
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Resiliency Resource of the Week: Naming the Discomfort
Feeling out of sorts? You’re not alone. There’s something unfamiliar in the air — “collective grief.” Per expert David Kessler, on macro and micro levels we’re grieving “the loss of normalcy; the fear of economic toll; the loss of connection.” And much of this is an “anticipatory” fear of the future. How does one manage? Acceptance is the key to control.
Read Kessler's Advice on Acceptance
Already decided on a path?
If you have an employment or grad school plan for the year ahead, consider watching a Real World Ready course to learn a new skill. You’ll find topics like personal finance, student loan repayment, employer benefits, and more.  Click “Enroll Now” and create an account with your Tufts email to access free courses. 
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Considering job options?
At this point in the year, it’s normal for many seniors to be in the midst of the job search process.
If you’re searching for opportunities, here are some tools to help you. 
  • Handshake: Log on to access your go-to source for job listings, employer reviews, virtual career events, and more.
  • Job Search Checklist: Visit this page for step-by-step checklist to complete if you’re looking for a job, fellowship, gap year, or year of service.
  • Tufts Destination Outcomes: Wonder where Tufts grads go? Look at where peers with your major have landed, both for jobs and grad school.
  • Careers A-Z: View a list of recommended sites for researching careers and finding jobs by career field, compiled by the Tufts Career Center.
FAQs from Students 
Each week, we'll answer FAQs related to our featured career topic. Here are this week's questions:
How many jobs should I apply to?
I applied to a job and haven't heard back. What now?
I've experienced rejections in my job search process, and I'm feeling frustrated. What should I do?
3 Reasons to Update Your Handshake Profile
Virtual Career Events This Week & Beyond
(Please note: These virtual events may require pre-registration.)
Peace Corps: Virtual Application Workshop -- Tuesday, March 31, 4 - 5 pm ET
Immigration Q&A with Aaron Blumberg -- Wednesday, April 1, 12 - 1 pm ET
Fidelity's Boundless: Virtual Investment Summit -- Friday, April 3, 1 - 2:30 pm ET
Peace Corps Virtual Office Hours -- Friday, April 3 and Wednesday, April 15. Sign up for a time slot in Handshake.
Wall Street Prep M&A and LBO Modeling Seminar -- Saturday - Sunday, April 4 & 5
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