Latest news and updates from Chandler School Boosters
Latest news and updates from Chandler School Boosters
November 2020
Message from CSB Director
by Lisa Knox
Greetings! My comments will be a little more brief this month than normal. I want to encourage you to check out other parts of the newsletter. We are trying to change things up a bit and bring you a few new and different features.
The CSB Board has also been working on a new vision and mission statement for the organization. We will roll those out at our next general meeting via Zoom in December, so mark your calendars.
And finally, I invite you to participate in a survey regarding crowdfunding platforms. Both the District and CSB want to provide a directory of crowdfunding platform vendors. Your input will help us find platforms that will best meet your needs. The survey will be open until Friday, November 20, 2020. Click this button for the survey:
Crowdfunding Survey
Turkey Shepherd's Pie
The last thing some of us want to do is cook anymore the day after Thanksgiving, which is Black Friday. Click on the photo for an adaptation to the Irish shepherd's pie which repurposes Thanksgiving leftovers in a new way!
Message from the CSB President
by Amiée Valenzuela-Altomare 

Fall season is here!

The Fall season can mean so many things to different people but the common themes are a season for gratefulness, family and reflection. As our year gets really rolling along, and as Lisa mentioned above, we have been having conversations to update our mission and goals as CSB. We really want to deepen partnerships and relationships to enhance your membership experience. Please take time to give us feedback. After all, this is what its all about. We are in positions of service and leadership and healthy feedback lends its way to growth and creativity.

As you plan to conclude this holiday season, take time to appreciate all your hard work to serve in your own roles for your Boosters, Clubs and schools. You are making history in adjusting to an ever-changing world of fundraising & building community. Keep your sights realistic as families all around us are being affected economically to this pandemic. It's about connection now more than ever with those families who are still in our district but who have students enrolled in an online platform for school. They are still a part of your community, make sure they are getting your communications.

We are grateful for your service!
Our paint was Rice Elementary's
new mascot - a rhino!

Creative Event - Paint Night

by Sarah Fogleman

This year 2020 has already had challenges for our groups. With all the mitigations at the schools it is
proving to be difficult to plan events in the manner that we are use to. One of the reasons we give our
time and plan events is not just to raise funds but to see smiles on those little faces.

As a current PTO president, I have come up with a few creative ways to still have events and make them fun. I wanted to share with you some of my ideas, ideas that our group has done in the last few months. I will add our event details and how YOU can plan one in each CSB newsletter.

Our first event was a paint night! We modeled this event after the sip and paint events you can do at art studios that can cost upwards of $40 per person. Paint nights were something we did already on campus last year and families love this event because we made it reasonably priced at $10 per person. For families with multiple kids it makes it affordable and they get a keepsake.

What you need for each kit:
  • Canvas- Hobby Lobby value pack is the least expensive. Show your PTO credit card you get an additional 10% off! However, pre order in store as canvas are as hot as TP at the moment.
  • Paint (gallon jugs) and brushes in bulk- order from amazon
  • Paper bags with handles for packing kits
  • Condiment containers for paint distribution
Setting up a PTO YouTube account for your group is a great way to keep all your viedos. This is where you will post a video of you painting step by step your art. I know what your thinking how would I make a video when I can’t paint. The internet is full of step by step art that you can use to create your own video. Just remember that what you choose has to be appropriate for K though adult (parents always paint too). So something not so complicated with simple lines. Use this link for some ideas:

We took pre-orders for two weeks then sent kits home on a Friday. We sent one kit home with each kiddo included was a sheet with the information to the YouTube link. The link should not be removed so families can paint again and again.

This is a great way to help your group make money and offer a fun experience for families.

Stay tuned to the next newsletter for the next event idea!
How Do We...

by Michelle Dexter

This year has been filled with “How do we” questions. How do we elect a board, how do we fundraise, how do we fulfill the obligations of our board? While there may be several different ways to make sure your goals are being accomplished this year, you want to make sure that you are doing what is needed to protect your organization and the money you have been charged with safeguarding the funds your school has raised and needs.
If you are not meeting with your board members in person, you need to make sure you are still making the financial records available and that the members are reviewing the documents. It is more important than ever to be closely looking at each transaction that is on each bank statement. Your internal controls will be what prevents a theft.
Look closely at deposits. Two people should be counting money, but the other members of the board still have an obligation to confirm the amount deposited reflects the amount counted. Do what you can to use online systems for collecting funds, but if a deposit needs to be made, two people are going to have to find a way to count the money together.
Look closely at withdrawals and checks written. Again, two people need to sign off on checks/withdrawals, and while that may be inconvenient, it is required. In addition, it is crucial that all board members confirm that the correct amount was paid out. Just like your personal bank account, fraud is always something to be wary of, so any unapproved payment needs to be addressed immediately.
Whether you have only a handful of transactions, or long list of transactions, oversight is key. Most theft does not happen in one big payment, but many smaller payments made over a period of months or years.
If you are not receiving your monthly bank statements, your account balances do not seem correct, or you are see a payment that cannot be explained, do not wait. Take action immediately to protect the funds your school and students need to be successful.
Finally, if financial reconciliations are not your strong suit, recruit an independent parent with financial expertise, who is not a board member, to audit the records.

Accounting Template
The CSB has updated the Accounting Template for fiscal year 2020-21, and it can be found at This template provides a convenient spreadsheet for your use in recording revenue and expenditure transactions on a monthly basis. Designed to integrate with the Annual Financial Reporting Template, use of this template will allow you to easily reconcile to your bank statements and provide a concise profit and loss statement for reporting to your board and general member meetings. What’s the best part? The template will accumulate revenues and expenditures in a format that will allow easy transfer of information to the Annual Financial Reporting Template at year-end, simplifying the process and saving you valuable time!
All groups are highly encouraged to use this template! Direct any questions to Lisa Knox at
Accounting Template

Upcoming Dates

Tuesday, December 8, 2020, 7pm-8pm: CSB General Meeting  Meeting will take place via Zoom. Please watch for future updates.
Tuesday, February 9, 2021, 7pm-8pm: CSB General Meeting  In person or virtual will be determined as the date approaches. Please watch for future updates.
Thursday, April 29, 2021, 7pm-8pm: CSB Election Meeting  In person or virtual will be determined as the date approaches. Please watch for future updates.

Is Your Entire Board Registered?

ALL board members for PTO and booster groups, as well as all CSB reps and alternates, need to register on the CSB website:
This is how you will continue to receive CSB communications. When creating your account, please be sure to fill out all information on the form
*Please check with your board to make sure everyone has registered.
**Please pass these instructions on to incoming board members.
Register Here

Registration Forms

We also need each member group to fill out the Application for Renewal Membership form and return to Erin via email:   
Application for Renewal Membership

Review Bylaws

With the changing of officers on your board, please be sure to review your group's bylaws as well as the CSB bylaws before the start of each new school year. As a reminder, your bylaws should conform to the Bylaws Template.
Bylaws Template
And if you ever make changes to your bylaws, you must keep a copy for your records and submit a copy to Erin:
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