The Pulse of King County Medicine
The Pulse of King County Medicine
Heart health month matters

A Heartfelt Thank You to the AHA 

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
During Heart Health Month, I am sharing a note of gratitude that influences my work and vision at King County Medical Society.
Many years ago, the American Heart Association (AHA) saw potential in me, a young student fascinated by laboratory science and human disease. They awarded me a full academic scholarship to pursue my Ph.D. in biochemistry, a gesture of faith that has shaped my life and career. 

Following the completion of my Ph.D., I had the privilege of completing my postdoctoral studies at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, focusing on molecular biology and genetics. Recognizing the critical intersection of science and policy, I returned to school to earn a Master's in Administration focusing on policy. These experiences are indispensable in my efforts to inform and guide our efforts to improve healthcare in King County.

I share this story to express my gratitude to the AHA and underscore the profound impact of their support. Every day, I strive to pay forward the investment they made in me. So, I am sharing and supporting Maria's fundraising effort for the AHA (detailed below). Please join me in backing Maria's initiative. Together, we can advance the crucial work of the AHA, fostering a ripple effect of positive change that I am proud to be a part of.

Thank you to the AHA, and thank you to each of you for considering this cause.
Warm regards,

Nancy L. Belcher, Ph.D., MPA
CEO, King County Medical Society

Support a Young Leader

Marie's 9-Week Challenge for Heart Health.

At 15, Marie is igniting change with her incredible drive. Nominated for the 2024 AHA Teen of Impact, she’s embarking on a 9-week impact journey (Feb 2 – Apr 4) to fundraise and inspire. The top fundraiser locally will be celebrated as the Washington Teen of Impact, while the national champion will be the AHA’s 2024 National Teen of Impact Winner.

As we mark the AHA’s Centennial in 2024, Marie’s vision is to influence the next century with healthy living, awareness, and vital fundraising. Join us in a centennial challenge: We’re seeking 100 kind hearts to donate to Marie’s cause, honoring 100 years of heart health advocacy. Let’s support Marie’s journey to make history!
How You Can Support:
1. Donate HERE to help advance the fight against heart disease.
2. Join her team and help spread the word!
Let’s support Marie in making a significant impact on heart health.

Join Marie in the race against heart disease. Together, we're making a difference.

Join Us at KCMS Delegate Council: Uniting for Healthcare Innovation

An Open Invitation to Shape the Future of Healthcare

In the dynamic world of healthcare, the collective power of physicians' voices is a force for remarkable change. At KCMS, we're at the forefront of legislative transformations. We invite you to join this change movement by becoming a part of the KCMS Delegate Council.

A Call to Action for All Physicians: We recognize each physician's unique value. Your insights are crucial whether in active practice, retired, navigating through your medical education, or amid residency. KCMS is your stage—a platform where physicians at all career stages can drive meaningful healthcare reforms.

Why Become a KCMS Delegate? Becoming a KCMS Delegate empowers you to:
 * Drive Legislative Change: Utilize your expertise to influence policy developments.
* Shape Healthcare's Future: Create resolutions to revolutionize healthcare  policies, creating a legacy of impactful change
* Represent Your Community: Be the voice for your colleagues, articulating the needs and goals of healthcare professionals and the communities they serve.

Enhanced Support and Accessibility by KCMS We understand the demanding schedules of physicians. KCMS facilitates your involvement by providing comprehensive support and flexible participation to ensure you can contribute from anywhere.

Building Community and Empowerment Joining as a KCMS Delegate transcends policy influence; it's about community. You'll connect with fellow physicians, fostering professional relationships and camaraderie.  Join us, and let's innovate healthcare together.
Please Contact Shurlon Brathwaite at to get involved!
Learn More About the KCMS Delegate Council

Symposium on Climate Change and Clinical Practice 

On March 28, 2024, UW will bring together stakeholders from across the spectrum of clinical practice and healthcare operations to consider the implications of the climate crisis on our health systems.

This FREE symposium will provide a full day of learning, network development, and practical exploration of critical topics such as disaster preparedness, capacity management, specialty-specific changes in clinical practice, and decarbonization of the clinical environment.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided to all speakers and registered attendees.

New Federal Rule:

Prior Auth Rule Will Reduce Doctors' Burden & Improve Patient Care 

Article from Medscape
On January 17, physician groups hailed a new federal rule requiring health insurers to streamline and disclose more information about their prior authorization processes, saying it will improve patient care and reduce doctors' administrative burden. 
Health insurers participating in federal programs, including Medicare Advantage and Medicaid, must respond to expedited prior authorization requests within 72 hours and others within 7 days under the long-awaited final rule, released on January 17 by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). 
Insurers also must include their reasons for denying a prior authorization request and will be required to publicly release data on denial and approval rates for medical treatment. They'll also need to give patients more information about their decisions to deny care. Insurers must comply with some of the rule's provisions by January 2026 and others by January 2027. 


AMPAC's 2024 AMPAC Candidate Workshop will take place in person from March 22-24 at the AMA offices in Washington, DCregistration is now OPEN!

Have you ever wondered how Doctors get elected to Congress or state legislatures? The AMPAC Candidate Workshop imparts knowledge on running a successful political campaign. The Workshop helps individuals transition from the exam room to the campaign trail, equipping them with skills and strategic approaches for a run for public office. 
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