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Indigo-Clean Technology Dual Mode - Watch the Video

Now available with Dual-Mode

Indigo-Clean Technology is easy to design, install, operate, maintain, and provides occupant safe disinfection around the clock. The new addition of Dual-Mode features a two-circuit board design. Via automated controls, when the space is occupied, it utilizes a combination of blended white LEDs and 405nm LEDs. When the space is unoccupied, it utilizes just the 405nm LEDs with increased output to increase disinfection efficacy.

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Safe for Humans & Materials, 405nm visible light technology, Scientifically proven to kill 94% of SARS-CoV-2
•    When lights are on, disinfection is active
•    Contains no Ultraviolet wavelengths
•    A valuable addition to any cleaning protocol

* Recommended operation schedule of 12 hours blended mode / 12 hours Indigo mode with an average of 50-60 footcandles on work plane and high touch surfaces. Download research report.

Product offerings

Available with these Finelite luminaires

HP-2 HP-4


Ideal application for disinfection technology

Disinfection technology in education, healthcare, office, retail and transportation
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