Family Homeless Prevention and Assistance Program (FHPAP) Updates
As you continue receiving guidance and staying informed about COVID-19, here are the latest FHPAP program updates including program requirement changes and helpful resources.
Tenant and Landlord Issue Webinars
HOME Line held a webinar that provides legal guidance around tenant and landlord issues related to COVID-19. Watch the webinar here.
Income Verification
The CARES Act provided one-time stimulus payments and unemployment supplements to many citizens. The following is guidance for how to address those payments when calculating income.
Guidance for other Minnesota Housing programs can be found on the agency’s COVID-19 webpage
In addition, due to COVID-19, household income verification will look different in some cases compared to the standard practice of receiving documentation, such as a pay stub or county statement. We’ve revised the income documentation Workbook to add a space for staff comments (#1 – Head of Household Income worksheet). This could be used, for example, to document that staff received verbal verification from an employer due to the COVID-19 state of emergency.
There was also a minor change on the Workbook that allows more room for staff to document “other” income. The updated income calculation Workbook can be found in the Program Information section on our FHPAP webpage
Budget Adjustments
As in the past, minor adjustments within line items and service type are allowed. Changes must be approved by your advisory committee and Minnesota Housing. If you would like to explore budget changes, contact Minnesota Housing staff to discuss your request (refer below for contact information). 
Reporting Deadlines
The reporting deadline for the FHPAP Quarter 3 Expenditure and Outputs Report, the Homework Starts with Home Quarter 6 Expenditure and Outputs Report, and the Landlord Risk Mitigation Fund Pilot Quarter 10 Expenditure and Outputs Report have been extended for three months. The new due dates are as follows, although these reports can be submitted any time prior to the due dates:
  • FHPAP and Homework Starts with Home: Friday, August 14, 2020
  • Landlord Risk Mitigation Fund Pilot: Friday, July 3, 2020
Changes in Service Delivery
As you and your subgrantees work to comply with recommendations from the Minnesota Department of Health, we understand that service delivery may be modified. We also realize that some entities may not be able to maintain services due to staff illness, loss of staff, or other issues. If there is going to be a dramatic change in service availability or access, please contact Minnesota Housing staff immediately by emailing Diane Elias or Nancy Urbanski.
COVID-19 and Minnesota Housing
Minnesota Housing has a COVID-19 webpage on our website that includes previous eNews publications sent to our partners as well as other useful information.
If you have more questions as you navigate COVID-19 with participants and assess FHPAP requirements, reach out to Diane Elias or Nancy Urbanski.
Prioritizing the health and safety of staff and participants, and maintaining housing stability, are very important to Minnesota Housing. Thank you for all you are doing to provide continued services and assistance to households during this challenging time. 
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