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MUDEC Méinden Fall 2021 #8
MUDEC Méinden Fall 2021 #8
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MUDEC Méinden-Weekly news from the MUDEC community for the MUDEC community-#lifelongMUDEC

Fall 2021 #8

October 18, 2021

An Evening with the Orchestre Philharmonie Luxembourg

by Hannah Horsington, MUDEC newsletter intern
Attendees pose in the hall
Last Monday evening, students continued the MUDEC tradition of attending a concert at the Orchestre Philharmonie Luxembourg. The performance, by musicians Alexander Kaganovsky and Gerardo Vila, featured three piano and cello pieces. These pieces included works from composers Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Johannes Brahms.
In the end, the musicians received so much applause that they returned to the stage to perform a short encore piece.
While this concert was mandatory for all MUDEC students, they are also encouraged to attend a few other concerts during the semester, which count towards class credit in LUX 101 (taken by every student). These concerts do not all have to be orchestra performances, and students can submit any musical performance they attend to be considered for credit.
Additionally, students taking MUS 189 attend multiple performances throughout the semester, including a concert at the Philharmonie in September and a short opera this past Friday.
Luxembourg sign outside concert hall musicians onstage musicians taking a bow

Learning to Go With the Flow

by Meta Hoge, MUDEC newsletter intern
One of the ways I feel that studying abroad has fostered my personal growth is that it has taught me to go with the flow and to be spontaneous. Traveling can be pretty stressful at times, and I don’t always react the best when things go wrong, like missing a train.
At the beginning of the semester, right before I left for Luxembourg, my dad told me that something is bound to go wrong while traveling and that it is important to stay calm while finding a solution.
He was right because I’ve experienced a couple of situations where things didn’t go as planned. Over the weekend, I went to Amsterdam and we had two changes where the connection time was short. Our final connection was in Brussels, but the train to Brussels was slightly late so we missed our train to Amsterdam. I was slightly nervous that we wouldn’t be able to get there that night, but I just kept telling myself that we would get there somehow, even if it meant going a different route. We were able to get on the next train to Amsterdam and arrived only an hour later than our original plan.
Parts of our Amsterdam trip were pretty spontaneous. On Saturday, my friends and I had the entire afternoon open. At the last minute, we decided to jump on a canal boat tour. We happened to walk by the starting point for one of the tours and discovered that we could buy the tickets while on board.
After our boat ride, we walked around the city more and stumbled upon the Amsterdam Tulip Museum. We bought tickets to the museum and had a lot of fun there.
I’m normally the type of person to plan so thoroughly that sometimes I miss out on some of the fun. I also often make myself more stressed than I need to be if something goes wrong. My trip to Amsterdam was one of the experiences that have helped me learn how to leave things unplanned sometimes and to be better at problem-solving when an issue arises.

A Day in the Life of a MUDEC Student

by Maddie Kelley, MUDEC newsletter intern
You may be wondering, what is a typical day like when you are a part of MUDEC. Here's what my Tuesdays look like.
To start off my day, I get up and make breakfast at my host family's house. I am lucky to be able to have a full kitchen in my home and usually make something small and quick, such as oatmeal and fruit, or toast with jelly.
After packing up my backpack I head down the street, a quick 10 minute walk, and grab a coffee to-go from Berto. Berto is a local bakery with delicious pastries, sandwiches, and coffee. It is down the street from the Château, making it a popular destination for a quick bite to eat for us Miami students. On days when I am not super busy, it also makes for a nice place to sit and relax while studying or reading a book as I enjoy a coffee.
As I sip my coffee, I walk up the road to the Château for my first class of the day, which is LUX 101. This is a new required class, introduced this semester. It has many different parts to it, including a few language lessons, independent activities, and a classroom session. During class we discuss a lot of cultural topics and dive into the difference between Europe and the U.S. This class is an interesting way to understand the place that we spend a whole semester living in.
Next, I have a little break before taking on my second class of the day, The Rise and Fall of Hitler. This course goes through Adolf Hitler’s life, WWII, and beyond. There are other history courses that you can take while at MUDEC, but you must take at least one because each class goes to a different country for a week on what we call our study tour. My history class is going to Poland and will be touring concentration camps as well as other WWII sites.
When 12:05 comes around, we walk out of our history class and head to the Grand Hall to eat lunch. The lunch is different each day. There is also a salad bar, and most of the time a new kind of soup. To finish, we have a sweet dessert or fresh fruit.
The nice thing about these meals is that it is not typical American food, so it’s fun to be able to try the kind of food that would be served at restaurants around us in Europe.
Traveling on the weekends is a wonderful added bonus of being at MUDEC. Usually after lunch, my group of travel buddies and I try to figure out transportation, places to stay, and what activities we want to embark on when making it to the country of our choice.
Now don’t get me wrong: traveling each weekend is a ton of fun, but the planning gets pretty tricky. One tip I have learned in the time that I have been here is to really plan things out in advance. Whenever you and your group have free time together, figure out your weekend plans! You will feel so much more relaxed instead of waiting until the last minute.
After a little bit of trip planning it’s time to hit the gym. A place called Aquasud is about a 15 minute walk away from the Château, and it has a gym and a pool. It’s a nice place to spend some time just clearing my mind while also working off all those delicious meals.
I head home after a quick workout to make dinner, usually leftovers from lunch or something easy from the grocery store.
As a part of the kinesiology cohort, my principal class is Anatomy. There is a lot of content to remember, so I try to wrap up my evenings with some review and maybe some Netflix before heading to bed.
Each day at MUDEC is different, and the staff and students work hard to arrange activities almost every day in the Château. Our days are kept busy with activities and school work, while our weekends are full of travel and exploring. We really do strive to study, engage, and travel here at MUDEC!

Halloween Fun for Differdange Trick or Treaters

A ghostly report courtesy of Stephanie Shaheen, MUDEC Associate Director
The MUDEC SFC and student volunteers created a special outreach opportunity for a local primary school in Differdange. One hundred fifty students from six different 3rd- 5th grade classes came to the Château on October 13th to decorate both a paper pumpkin and a paper cup to later be used to trick or treat!
The children then made their way down a scary hallway, where they knocked on four doors. They learned to shout ‘trick or treat’ and got candy at each door!
The newly arrived student teachers (STEP program) helped with each class. MUDEC students created the crafts, decorated the Château, handed out candy and helped the kids enjoy their Halloween outing! It was a ghoulishly good time.
Students and children doing a craft activity Kids and at the door shouting 'trick or treat'
Miami students in costume

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