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MUDEC Méinden Spring 2020 #3
MUDEC Méinden Spring 2020 #3
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MUDEC Méinden-Weekly news from the MUDEC community for the MUDEC community-#lifelongMUDEC

Spring 2020 #3

 February 10, 2020

Kayla Jones- Spring 2020 Junior Editor

Meet the Editor: Kayla Jones

Moien Everyone! My name is Kayla Jones and I am tickled pink to be the junior editor of the MUDEC newsletter for the 2020 spring semester! I am a junior Journalism and Spanish double major with a Latin American Studies minor from Piqua, Ohio. When not writing for class, I can be found writing for fun. I have had several articles published on the Patch and in the Oxford Observer and I also have 20 years experience at being myself and can provide rave reviews upon request 😀. When I’m not using my umbrella or studying in the library every hour of the day, you can find me gardening, baking (desserts only of course) and always laughing about something, like how the bus at my bus stop couldn’t be on time if the world depended on it. 

I am delighted to blend my passion of connecting with people and my love of writing throughout this semester. My time as newsletter editor will allow me to connect with the MUDEC community as well as those I meet during my travels.   

I am so excited to be with this spunky group of MUDECers and look forward to embarking on this adventure with you! I can’t wait to spring into this semester :) Have any cool ideas or feedback for the MUDEC Méinden? Send it in to

  • Student Faculty Council Profile-Santiago Puente

  • MUDEC Profs in Action
  • Student in the Press-Amanda Parmo
  • Ice (cream) Breaker Social
  • MUDEC and LUNEX mixer Recap

  • UFO (USO?) Sighting by MUDEC students
  • US Embassy Safe Travel Talk Presentation
  • Trier Discovery Tour Recap
  • First travel weekend pictures

Student Faculty Council Profile

Santiago Puente-Student Co-chair

Santiago Puente Student Co-chairperson

Meet Santiago


MUDEC sophmore Santiago Puente majors in International Studies and Political Science with minors in Chinese and Geography. Puente, born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico eventually moved to Detroit, Michgan where he attended high school.

1.Tell us a little bit about your position on the SFC.
I’m the SFC Student Co-Chair and my role is mostly to help organize with an event, really help with whatever is needed and whether it’s communications within MUDEC or outside of MUDEC. Also a little bit of representing both the SFC and the MUDEC student body to whatever group we work outside of MUDEC. 
2. Why did you want to be Co-chairperson?
I really enjoy being involved with all of the events. I enjoy helping organize and really helping with whatever is needed. I also have a lot of fun meeting people outside of MUDEC and representing the student body being an ambassador to both Miami University and the John Dolibois European Center.

3. Why did you choose to study abroad with the MUDEC program?
I really wanted to learn about European politics and European economics or European Union economies. I thought that this program was that opportunity for me to learn that not just in the classroom, but also live in Europe and live within those, within the countries of the European union and travel around.

4. What are you most excited for as Co-chairperson?
I would say just organizing events with students outside of MUDEC. We had the LUNEX event last week and I really enjoyed that. 

5. Can you tell us more about the Lunex event?
LUNEX is a local university here in Luxembourg and they organized what we called a mixer. They invited students from Miami, Sacred Heart Connecticut, that has nine students here in Luxembourg as well and the University of Luxembourg. The point of that was really just to get to know each other, get to know other students both local and international here in Luxembourg and network with them.
6. What is a fun fact that most people do not know about you?
I’ve seen Pitbull in concert three times. In Detroit, which is where I went to high school and twice in Shanghai, China.

MUDEC Profs in Action

MUDEC professors are also engaged outside of MUDEC, and we will highlight their activities in this new recurring column.

Anthony Smith-Meyer
Michael Schweiger

MGT 291 Podcasts

Management professors Anthony Smith-Meyer and Michael Schweiger are continuing their podcast series this semester. The first two episodes are out now:

Semester 2 Episode 1: Organisation Behaviour is …

Semester 2 Episode 2: Cyber Security and the Boardroom


Stephanie Law

What's an Architect?

Architechture Professor Stephanie Law's company posted a very interesting article about whether an architecht designs the inside or the outside of a building: Architects, Interior Architects & Decorators: What do they do?.

Amanda Parmo in Delano

Student in the Press

Luxembourg Digital Innovation Center intern Amanda Parmo got her picture in the press during her first week on the job. She tells the story below.

I attended the first lunch of the new year for the British Chamber of Commerce alongside my boss Daniel Eischen, who is the BCC chairman. In attendance at the lunch was Paulette Lenert, Minister of Consumer Protection, Minister Delegate of Social Security, and brand new Minister of Health. The goal of the lunch was to hear about her motivations and experiences after her first year in government (she was originally in law and just recently got into politics). During her talk, she spoke about how her previous experiences were incredibly helpful to her in these new positions and also touched on how Luxembourg, as a small country, really needs to be vigilant and invest in health, education, and innovation. 

At this event, I had the great opportunity of networking with some pretty incredible people. Actually, in the picture that was posted in the article, I was speaking to Sarah Battey from All About Talent and Philipp Simon from M&S Law Sarl. It was genuinely such a great opportunity and I am so grateful that I was able to attend.


First SFC Event this week! - Ice (cream) Breaker Social

SFC event poster with details of the event

Ready to break the ice and break out those spoons? Well the SFC has the perfect event that incorporates both! Join the SFC and your friends on Tuesday Feb.11 for an evening of getting to know your classmates and enjoying a sweet treat! If ice cream and making new friends wasn't enough, you can earn 20 LUX 335 points by decorating Valentine's Day cards for school children and folks at the local nursing home.

Man breaking the ice Ice cream cone

MUDEC and LUNEX Mixer Recap

On Thursday Feb. 6, MUDEC students got the chance to meet other college students at a mixer organized by LUNEX here in Differdange. Not only did they get the chance to meet students from LUNEX, but students from the University of Luxembourg and Sacred Heart were there as well, making it a truly multi-university occasion. Students shared nachos as well as insight about their time abroad and their experiences with meeting domestic and international college students. 
Students from MUDEC, LUNEX, Sacred Heart, and University of Luxembourg
Students from four universities at the LUNEX mixer 

UFO (USO?) Sighting in Luxembourg

After almost non-stop rain and misery for their first week in Luxembourg, MUDEC students finally spotted a UFO, or better yet, a USO (unidentifed shining object). Known as the sun in every other place on the planet, this lifted everyone's spirits.
Students and sun and the chateau

US Embassy Safe Travel Talk Presentation

The UFOs at this presentation were the stress balls being distributed across the Grand Hall by the strong right arm of US Embassy Consular Officer Jackie Meeker. Jackie and Paul Hendricks, Regional Security Officer, talked about tips on how to travel safely, along with where to find the best sushi in East Timor (I kid you not). Students who answered questions correctly were rewarded with genuine US Embassy stress balls.
Jackie Meeker and Paul Hendricks
Jackie Meeker and Paul Hendricks
Paul and Jackie with the SFC, Dean Leterre, and Erin Kearns
Paul and Jackie with the SFC, Dean Leterre, and Erin Kearns
Travel Header

Trier Discovery Tour Recap

On Friday Feb. 7, students kicked off their first Discovery Tour in Trier, Germany. MUDEC started the morning off by exploring the Ampitheater and Roman baths, including detailed Roman history lessons from the guides, with visits to the Porta Nigra and Constantine's Basilica in the afternoon. The sunny, although cold, weather made it a perfect way to kick off the first weekend of travel.
Students also got a dose of how small the world is. Several students got the chance to meet MUDEC Dean Emeritus Ekkehard Stiller and his wife Renate before lunch. As if hip hip hooray! with the Stillers was not enough, students broke into the Miami fight song after lunch during a chance encounter with a Miami alum, Libby Taylor.
Students at the top of the Amphitheater
Students at the top of the Ampitheater
MUDEC students in front of Porta Nigra with three Miami flags
MUDEC students in front of Porta NIgra
Students with Dr. Stiller and his wife Renate
MUDEC students with MUDEC Dean Emeritus Ekkehard Stiller and his wife Renate
MUDEC students with Miami grad Libby Taylor
A random encounter with a Miami grad, Libby Taylor!

We Made It! First Independent Travel Weekend

Pictures from the first weekend of independent travel around Europe. Among the popular destinations were Cologne, Bruges, and Brussels.
Students on the steps of a statue on Cologne, Germany
MUDEC Students on the steps of a statue in Cologne, Germany
Odds and Ends
Birthdays This Week 
If your birthday is half as amazing as you are, it’s going to be Schengen-tastic. Enjoy your special day!

Morgan Hapner (Monday Feb. 10)

Elizabeth Osterday (Tuesday Feb. 11)
Quinton Ndyajunwoha (Thursday Feb. 13)
Matt Adler (Saturday Feb. 15)
Emily Stegmeyer (Sunday Feb. 16)

MUDEC student Quinton with his family at a Cleveland Brown's game
Quinton Ndyajunwoha
MUDEC student Morgan leaning against a white fence
Morgan Hapner
An Oscar
An Oscar

Claim Your Prize!

Congratulations to our winners of the "Find Someone Who.." competition during Integration Stop by Andy's office to pick up your prize!
First place: Serena Lanum                             Second place: Hailey Kingsbury                    Third place: Logan Glennie
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