March 30, 2020

COVID-19: Need-to-Know News from
the USA

The Coronavirus Relief Package Should Work — for Now
Why Share It: The U.S. Congress moved swiftly on an overwhelmingly bipartisan basis to enact a sweeping rescue package designed to resist economic collapse. "… [T]he bill … uses two main tools to promote financial normalcy in this very abnormal period. One is greatly expanded unemployment insurance benefits for people who are thrown out of work due to the crisis — expanded in the sense of being more generous and also easier to qualify for. The other tool is loans and grants to businesses, with the grants tied to a requirement to keep workers on the payroll. These tools … will go a long way toward making the response to the plague financially bearable for most American households.”

The state in the time of covid-19 
The Economist
Why Share It: The Economist is featuring two different covers this week. The British and American version focuses on how the role of governments has quickly expanded to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, why this expansion is likely permanent and then what the implications of bigger government in today’s society means.

America’s Make-or-Break Week
The Wall Street Journal
Why Share It: This article details the staggering effects the coronavirus pandemic has had throughout American society in a short amount of time and points out that with April’s bills coming due, this is a critical week for U.S. livelihoods: “The decisions they make this week could shape how deeply the economy is damaged by the coronavirus pandemic.”

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