May 18, 2020

COVID-19: Need-to-Know News from
the USA

ICYMI: Click here to watch our discussion on how COVID-19 is shaking up U.S. politics.

Swing-state Republicans warn Trump's reelection is on shaky ground
Why Share It: Republicans in swing states are growing increasingly concerned about the November elections and have advice for President Trump.

Biden’s best path: Mich.+ Pa. + Arizona
Why Share It: In his latest piece for Axios, Doug Sosnick, the White House Political Director for President Bill Clinton, writes that the U.S. electoral map has changed for the first time since 1992, which means that the terrain is different for President Trump than in 2016. You can read Sosnick’s full memo here.
A top White House official claimed, without evidence, that China sent sick people to other countries to 'seed' COVID-19 around the world
Business Insider
Why Share It: The Trump Administration continues to step up its anti-China rhetoric. Most recently, Adviser Peter Navarro accused China of deliberately sending sick airline passengers overseas to spread COVID-19 worldwide.

Crisis exposes how America has hollowed out its government
Why Share It: Dan Balz, one of America’s premier political reporters, takes a look inside the current state of the U.S. federal government.

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