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December 9, 2020

 TOP STORIES,-ifsa-give-update-on-joint-catering-standard-to-be-release-in-early-2021/#.X9FSty_b3OQ
ACA, IFSA give update on joint catering standard to be release in early 2021
Biometrics the way of the future
The business of IFC

West Entertainment launches new website
Access-IS launches contactless boarding solutions,-survey-finds/#.X9FUAS_b3OQ
​Pandemic accelerating digitization, survey finds
Moment reaches milestone with 120 million passenger users
​A perspective from Asia on standardization
Guest Column: Does COVID-19 create emotional baggage?!/#.X9FVWS_b3OQ
Amenities trending: PPE please!
Bolstering BAC
dnata's year in review
Galileo Watermark celebrates 40 years
How Newrest helps give everyone a Break
SATS' cool capabilities
Cabin service success,-2021/#.X6q-jC_b3OS,-2021/#.X6q-jC_b3OS

dnata launches dedicated inflight retail unit,-capacity/#.X8-gRy_b3OQ
Latitude Aero expands to larger facility, capacity
Video Clip: ABC International highlights Boom Headrest with new video
Aijaz Khan
Rick Lundstrom
Jane Hobson
Sabrina Pirillo
Deputy Editor
Jeremy Clark
PAX Asia Correspondent

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