Minnesota Coordinated Entry Prioritization Assessment Tool Work Group Update
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CEPAT Refresher and How to Contact the Work Group
The CEPAT Work Group members focus on what a Coordinated Entry Prioritization Tool should look like going forward in Minnesota. The group’s members are listed below and represent the following: 
  • Continnums of Care (COCs): Carla Solemn, Laura DeRosier
  • Coordinated Entry (CE) Priority List Managers: Katherine Cross, Jay Vasek
  • Minnesota Tribal Collaborative: Tammy Moreland
  • State Homeless Programs: Ji-Young Choi, Tom Balsley
  • HMIS System Administrator, ICA: Carrie Erickson
If agencies or providers have questions about CEPAT's work, please email MNCoordinatedSystem@gmail.com.
Please Note: This email address is not for individuals who are looking for assistance. Please direct them to their local CE administrators.
Coordinated Entry Survey Results
In response to concerns about the VI-SPDAT, the Minnesota Coordinated Entry System (CES) Committee conducted a statewide survey in 2018. The survey asked for feedback in the following areas:
  • Core Qualities of an Assessment Tool
  • Qualities of the VI-SPDAT that are helpful
  • Qualities of the VI-SPDAT that are problematic
  • Qualities/questions of an ideal Assessment Tool
The committee received 286 responses to the survey. Members of the CEPAT Work Group and Minnesota Engagement on Shelter and Housing (MESH) staff reviewed each response and organized them into categories, creating hundreds of data elements. The full results of the survey, including an administrative summary can be found below: 
Technical Assistance Update
Focus Strategies is working with CEPAT to provide technical assistance from April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020. Later this summer, we expect Focus Strategies to make a recommendation on whether Minnesota should:
  • Move forward with the existing assessment tool with some recommended improvements on implementation, or
  • Replace this tool with an already existing assessment tool or the creation of a new assessment tool. 
Focus Strategies is in the initial phase of their work plan and this includes an assessment of the current Coordinated Entry System and Tool. As part of that process, Focus Strategies has collected and reviewed each CoC’s CE policies and procedures, CE reports, and survey results from 2018. 

The CE Work Group has helped Focus Strategies understand that there are similarities and differences between the ten CoCs and they include business processes, data collection requirements and workflows, and prioritized populations.

In order to better understand whether and how the VI-SPDAT works in the context of business processes and community goals, the TA team will be doing a deeper dive into the CE operations of each CoC. This will include talking with identified members of each CoC to develop a well-informed understanding about what CE design looks like in each of the ten CoCs and how each element of the CE system design (including the Vi-SPDAT) is meeting the objectives of each CE system in relation to local prioritization. Stay tuned for more information.

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