News and resources for airport employees.
News and resources for airport employees.
Building Workplace Connections Supports Teamwork and Problem Solving
When Stephannie Lewis of Travel Oregon encountered two college students sitting on the floor crying, she knew she had to stop and help. She discovered they couldn’t get their luggage as the airline staff had left for the day and wouldn’t be back until later that evening. Unfortunately, the students had to leave to return to school in Eugene…but they also couldn’t go without their bags!
After many years working alongside the Port of Portland’s parking control representatives, Stephannie knew they might be able to help. She contacted Carlos Banks and John McIntire who called airport operations specialist Francisco Evanado. Francisco was then able to locate the bags and deliver them to the students.
Stephannie loaded the students up with Travel Oregon swag and saw them off with smiles on their faces. Using her knowledge of the airport and its most valuable resource – the PDX People – Stephannie was able to problem-solve and turn the day around for two travelers in need.
The PDX People Customer Service awards recognize airport employees who truly stand out as extraordinary. Missed the last virtual awards ceremony? View the event recording or read about past winners on the PDX employee website.
You can also nominate an employee who embodies the PDX People values and serves as a shining example of great customer service – submit a nomination now.
Nominate a PDX Employee
Employee Parking Returns to NE Alderwood Lot
Starting Saturday, June 19
In early 2020, riding the shuttle from the NE Alderwood parking lot to the airport was a familiar start to the work day for many PDX employees. Then in March, COVID-19 hit, passenger volumes decreased and employees were temporarily offered the opportunity to park in the unusually quiet long-term garage.
Now, as passenger volumes increase and our parking garages start to fill up, it’s time for that once-familiar shuttle route to return: Starting Saturday, June 19, PDX employee parking will transition back to the NE Alderwood lot.
What This Means For You
  • At 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, June 19, you can begin parking in the NE Alderwood lot using your PDX hangtag. Shuttles will run starting at midnight.
  • At 12:01 a.m. on Monday, June 21, your PDX hangtag will stop working in the long-term garage. If you parked at PDX prior to June 19, you’ll still be able to exit the garage without paying the daily fee.
Bottom line: If you don’t want to be charged a daily long-term parking fee, you’ll need to start parking in the NE Alderwood lot.
Read the full story to find out what else you need to know about the transition, how we're keeping you safe on the shuttle and what new upgrades you'll see when you arrive.
Don't Lose Your Cool, Stay Safe in Hot Weather
Temperatures are warming up in the Portland area, which means you may be at risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke.
Protect yourself by dressing for hot conditions in loose-fitting, light colored clothes, drinking water every 15 minutes to stay hydrated and taking frequent breaks in shady, cool or air-conditioned areas.
If you see a coworker who is experiencing headaches, dizziness and nausea (heat exhaustion) or dry, hot skin, confusion and convulsions (heat stroke), act quickly and get help. For more ways to protect yourself in hot weather, check out this tip sheet. In case of emergency at PDX, call 503-460-4000. For non-emergencies, call 503-460-4747.
What's New with PDX Next: May Forum and Soft Demo Ramps Up 
Curious about what's happening in the ticket lobby, how to access bag road safely and when Concourse B is opening? Answers to all this and more were covered in just 20 minutes in the recent What's New with PDX Next forum – watch the recording now.
Starting this week, the soft demolition in the former Clocktower Plaza begins in earnest. Expect to hear loud noises and experience vibration from time to time, especially in the ticket lobby and around the TSA checkpoints. If you’re helping a passenger who is concerned about noise, you’ll find earplug stations at the north and south ends of the ticket lobby.
Gradual Returns for PDX Volunteers and Dog Therapy Program
Great news! Starting in June, our PDX musicians and in-person information booth volunteers will begin a gradual return to the airport, with a plan to bring back roving volunteers in July.
Volunteers have been virtually staffing the south information booth via webcam since early April, and four-legged volunteers in the PDX dog therapy program – along with their human companions – returned in time for spring break crowds. While we're excited to have the volunteer information program get back to normal operations, we'll continue to adjust for any new or changing COVID-19 safety guidelines.
Travelers Purchasing Liquids Might Need Some Solid Advice
Helping a passenger purchase liquid items? Put your PDX values into practice and provide a knowledgeable, respectful interaction by asking if they are on their way to the opposite concourse.
With the closure of the Concourse Connector, travelers now need to exit the secured area and re-enter the opposite concourse using the TSA checkpoint...and we all know that carrying more than 3.4 ounces of liquids just won't fly.
This creates some extra steps – both in your walking routes and your transactions with passengers – but a little added attention during your conversation might be the difference between a dismayed passenger and a delighted one. The Port of Portland concessions team is also working with businesses to post signage that explains this process.
Questions about the Concourse Connector? Refer to the FAQ on our website for answers. 
100 Years Unforgotten The Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921
This weekend marked the 100-year anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre. Take a moment to read about the mob violence that resulted in the death of up to 300 Black residents and the obliteration of 1,200 homes and dozens of prosperous Black-owned businesses, churches and schools.
Once you're done, consider watching one of several documentaries that explore how the community of Tulsa is coming to terms with its past, present, and future: "Tulsa: The Fire and the Forgotten" (PBS website), "Dreamland: The Burning of Black Wall Street" (CNNgo) or "Tulsa Burning: The 1921 Race Massacre" (History Channel). 
Rainbows Light Up the Roadway in Honor of Pride Month 
June 1 marks the start of Pride Month and once again, the Port of Portland logo will greet PDX travelers and employees with a rainbow background.
We take this time to celebrate the LGBTQIA2S+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and/or Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Two-Spirit) community, and there are many ways you can reflect and honor Pride Month.
Continue to provide inclusive service to all PDX travelers and treat your co-workers and customers with respect. Consider taking a bystander intervention to stop anti-LGBTQIA+ harrassment workshop with Hollaback! they are offering four free workshops in June. You can also watch a documentary about the LGBTQIA+ icon Martha P. Johnson or one about the Stonewall uprising, an event that marked a major turning point in the modern gay civil rights movement.
Evergreens Takes Off with Southwest Airlines
Lettuce surprise you! That was the motto behind last Wednesday's Evergreens giveaway. Our greenest concessionaire on the Concourse E extension delighted 170 passengers on a Southwest flight to Chicago by handing out free salads ahead of boarding. 
Dressed for success – both the salads and the travelers – the flight took off after providing all passengers with an un-beet-able meal and coupons for their next visit.

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