Explore resilience resources and financial tools for your Lumberjack!
Explore resilience resources and financial tools for your Lumberjack!
Vol. 18 Edition 12  |  January 25, 2022
A student in an NAU sweater and blue-and-gold jacket makes a snow angel in the snow

Parent-to-Parent: Planning for next year

Dear Parent,
It is time to begin planning for next year! Now you may be asking yourself, “Already?” Yes, already. I know it seems so fast, considering we just started 2022! But it is vital for families and students to begin planning out their finances for the 2022-2023 academic year.
Don’t know where to begin? Here are some steps you can take. 
  • Please work with your Lumberjack to complete the FAFSA. It is recommended that all students submit their FAFSA before Feb. 1.  
  • Scholarships! Encourage your student to apply for various scholarships such as NAU Foundation Scholarships and NAU General Scholarships. All NAU Foundation scholarships close on Feb. 15. The NAU general scholarship application opens on Jan. 28. For help navigating the application process, please visit the NAU Scholarship Application Guide.
  • Have your student check out Career Development. Online or in-person, NAU Career Development can help polish resumes, explore career expos, and consider summer opportunities.  
If you or your student have any questions, they can contact Parent and Family Services in the Office of the Dean of Students. 
Shannon Clark
Shannon W. Clark
Assistant Dean of Students
Important Dates. Feb. 1 – Census fee begins . Feb. 11 – Last Day to File for A-Pass/Fail. Feb. 21-Mar. 11 – Submission of midterm grades. Mar. 14-18 – Spring Break. Mar. 21 – Last day to drop individual courses without petition. Apr. 21 – Last day to withdraw from ALL classes in a session. Apr. 25-29 – Last week of instruction
*$100 census fee will be applied to student accounts if they add additional classes to their 16-week session after Feb. 1.
Blue bountains and yellow trees accompany the words: Together Toward Tomorrow. Resilience & Growing Through Change

NAU Leadership Conference

Leadership is a key skill valued by employers and one we aim to build up in all Lumberjacks. The NAU Student Leadership Conference is an annual conference that serves as the foundation of new and innovative leadership development for hundreds of college students across northern Arizona. This conference is designed to help students tap into and grow their leadership potential, both personally and professionally. 
Let us move “Together Toward Tomorrow” at this year’s conference. On February 19, 2022, we encourage your Lumberjack to join us for this one-day conference, where we will connect, grow, and thrive. Students are given the opportunity to present and facilitate workshops on topics such as resilience, growth through change, and leadership. For more information and registration for this FREE experience, encourage your student to visit nau.edu/slc.
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Jacks axe stress and build resilience

Help your student start the semester off strong! Encourage them to visit nau.edu/bounceback, where they will find the NAU Resilience Project. The Resilience Project is an evidence-based, trauma-informed online toolkit with videos, podcasts, interactive tools, and guides to on-campus resources to help students better manage stress and “bounce back” in the face of adversity. 
Students can complete a minimum number of modules to receive a certificate of completion, or they can re-visit the site as often as they need. The tool is loaded with information on navigating relationships with roommates, handling breakups, mindfulness, meditation, sleep hygiene, and more! In addition, the tool also has tailored resources for LGBTQIA+ students and students of color. Although stress in college is inevitable, this tool will help students build resilience before feeling burnt out and overwhelmed, supporting them in times of need. So have your student check out nau.edu/bounceback to support their wellness today!
Students in the NAU gym play dodgeball

Get involved with Campus Recreation club & intramural sports!

IM Sports 
The NAU Intramural Sports program offers students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to play their favorite sport or try out a new one! Intramural sports are offered on a competitive or recreational level. Our intramural program emphasizes friendly competition and sportsmanship. Your student can sign up with a team or as a free agent to meet new friends! Registration is only $30 for the whole semester! This spring, we will offer basketball, volleyball, soccer, dodgeball, and more. Your student can check out our website at nau.edu/campusrecreation/intramural-sports for a complete schedule and to sign up.

Club Sports 
Is your Lumberjack interested in continuing to participate in sports at a competitive level? Club Sports focus on competition with other institutions in the area with over 30 active clubs, including basketball, racquetball, paintball, ski & snowboard, and many more! Visit our website for more information. If interested, your student can email sportclubs@nau.edu with their desired sport.

Tri-Alpha Honor Society 

Do you have a first-generation Lumberjack? If your student has completed 30 credits at NAU and has a GPA of 3.2 or higher, they may be eligible to join Tri-Alpha Honor Society! The application will be open until February 13, 2022. Honor societies promote academic excellence and provide students with opportunities for networking, leadership development, and community service. It can also help to boost your Lumberjack’s resume.  
If you wish to learn more about the honor society, you can watch an informational video
Eligibility for undergraduate students: 
  • First-generation college student 
  • 3.2 out of 4.0 cumulative grade point average
  • Registered for 6 credit hours or more working toward a bachelor's degree at any NAU campus location 
  • 30 college-level credits completed overall; transfer students need at least 12 credit hours completed at NAU
If you have any questions about Tri-Alpha Honor Society, please contact Katherine Lawlor at Katherine.Lawlor@nau.edu.
NAU is committed to the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff and follows CDC’s recommended guidelines on COVID-19. Not every photo in this e-newsletter will precisely represent these guidelines, as we aim to accurately present the NAU experience for you and balance that need with imagery that reflects the COVID-19 policies we have in place. Visit nau.edu/jacksareback for our current campus health safety guidelines.
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