Mental health grant, fundraising toolkit, legislative template letters
Mental health grant, fundraising toolkit, legislative template letters

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Weekly Update
Week of May 25

ODH Dentist Loan Repayment Program

Accepting applications through July 24th, 2020
The goal of the Ohio Free Clinic Dentist Loan Repayment Program is to increase access to dental care in Ohio’s Free Clinics by providing loan repayment assistance to dentists who volunteer or work part-time in an Ohio Free Clinic. Eligible dentists can be volunteers or be employed by an Ohio Free Clinic. Read more on their website for more information or contact Star Sawicki at

Learn more about the Dentist Loan Repayment Program

Approaching your State Legislators

The CHN's approach and templates for you to use
We have received several inquiries about how to approach legislators during this pandemic - what to say, what to not say, what to ask for, how thank them, etc.  Below is a collection of letter templates for you to use and customize to your own clinic when reaching out to your representatives. 

CHN Fundraising Toolkit

Tips on fundraising strategies in a COVID-19 world
Many of our organizations normal fundraising methods have taken a turn during these challenging times. The CHN office has developed a resource toolkit to use as a guide to these organizations who are looking for alternative ways to raise funds. This toolkit reviews topics including crowdfunding, donations, accessing coronavirus relief funds, and virtual fundraisers. Read the full fundraising guide here.

We're Hiring!

Full time position open at the Charitable Healthcare Network
The Charitable Healthcare Network is seeking an energetic, self-motivated, experienced member to join our team! This position will provide administrative support to CHN programs and projects such as event planning, communications/outreach, member management, and overall organizational support. Previous experience with free/ charitable clinics strongly desired. Must be able to thrive in a flexible working environment, be self driven, and be comfortable using Google Drive systems. Interested applicants can email Deb Miller at

Mental Wellness and Support During COVID-19 Grant Opportunity

In support of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s commitment to the Investment in Ohio’s Future, the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, in partnership with the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, will offer a $1M funding opportunity for faith-based and community-based organizations. The funds will be directed toward community-based strategies for mental wellness and support during this period of COVID-19. This opportunity is seeking to support Ohio’s most vulnerable populations. Local communities can apply for resources needed to empower everyday citizens to identify signs of poor mental health and/or addiction, reduce stigma associated with those issues, provide support, and offer resources to people about where to find help.

All questions must be submitted electronically no latter than June 5, 2020 to OhioMHAS at

Click here for more information or to apply

COVID-19 Tip of the Week:

COVID-19 Checklist for Avoiding Scams
It is unfortunate to see those taking advantage of others during these times. Help each other protect themselves against scammers using this 'COVID-19 Cheklist for Avoiding Scams'.

Read the COVID-19 Cheklist for Avoiding Scams

Medical Supplies Available

  • 1 compression nebulizer
  • 2 boxes of disposable turbines with cardboard mouthpieces (60/box)
  • 1 box of assess one-way valve cardboard disposable mouthpieces (200 mouthpieces)
If you are interested in any of these supplies, contact Katie Kisseberth at

Charitable Healthcare and COVID-19: a Weekly Discussion Group

The Charitable Healthcare Network is hosting a weekly virtual discussion group for Ohio's charitable healthcare organizations. Here we will check-in with one another as well as share resources and strategies on our approach to handling the COVID-19 pandemic. Meetings will be held Wednesdays from 11am-12pm. Download the minutes/ recording from this week's meeting below or register to join live!
Download, view, or watch all meeting recordings and minutes here
Register for the COVID-19 Discussion Group

We Moved!

The Charitable Healthcare Network has officially moved out of our old office and into our new one! Thank you to everyone for being patient with us during the move and any delayed communications. We are still working remotely at this time and need to unpack many boxes, but we are excited for our new office space and can't wait to start using it! Please update our address in your contacts, we are now located at:
88 East Broad Street, Suite 1475
Columbus, OH 43215
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