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For the past few months, IT Services has been sending you information about Duo Security, our new two-factor authentication solution. Duo will be mandatory for faculty, staff, and students when we turn it on December 19, 2018.
This is all the info you need about Duo in one place!
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Duo Security: The what, the why, and the how

Announcing Duo, our new two-factor authentication solution. On December 19, Duo will be mandatory for faculty, staff, and students.
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Duo enrollment checklist

Enroll now so you don't have to on December 19.
Two factor authentication

Cybersecurity awareness: Get your factors right

What is two-factor authentication? How does it work? Learn more about how two-factor authentication methods like Duo Security help keep our data safe from would-be attackers.
New login screen with higher red contrast. It says MUnet Login at the top and includes login prompts for UniqueID and password

New look for the Miami login screen!

Duo isn't the only thing changing on December 19. The red Miami login screen is getting a facelift!
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Who does Duo impact? How do you sign up?
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Study Abroad with Duo

It's easy to get codes while you're studying abroad.
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Why should you update your web browser?

Duo won't work on browsers that are out of date by more than one year. Read on to find out why it's a good idea to update your browser.

Canvas Bypass Tool

We have created a way for instructors to bypass students from using Duo in Canvas on exam days.

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View Duo Enrollment Guides in the Knowledge Base
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