Reserve a Butterfly for Ependymoma Awareness Day - May 5, 2015!
Reserve a Butterfly for Ependymoma Awareness Day - May 5, 2015!
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Reserve a Butterfly for Ependymoma Awareness Day!

Show Your Support!

You can show your support of Ependymoma Awareness Day by purchasing an awareness butterfly, wearing an awareness support pin, or even holding an awareness event of your own! We welcome your participation in this year’s activities – together we can grow awareness of ependymoma!

CERN Foundation Butterfly Release

The delicate and beautiful butterfly was chosen to represent ependymoma as it symbolizes hope through change.  Participants in Ependymoma Awareness Day are encouraged to purchase a butterfly to memorialize a loved one, or simply to demonstrate the need to create greater awareness of this poorly understood disease. 

To purchase a butterfly or donate to CERN, click here

You can also purchase baseball hats, balloons, butterfly lapel pins, and temporary tattoos!
The CERN Foundation will conduct a mass butterfly release on May 5, 2015, that will coincide with a gathering of researchers who are studying ependymoma and working to find a cure. View the 2014 butterfly release
The butterfly release will be videotaped and posted on the internet so that patients, families and supporters around the world can participate and share in this moving event.

Organize Your Own Release

Interested in releasing live butterflies where you live? 

No problem!  Our suppliers will express mail live or wind-up butterflies directly to you!  
Live Butterflies: Butterflies will be delivered to you or your event location the day before your release along with any displays and accessories. Complete instructions accompany your order with tips for release, display, photo ops, etc. A minimum order applies so please call Kathy Marshburn at Vibrant Wings ( for details at 832-671-4755. 
Wind-up Butterflies: Wind-up butterflies will be delivered to you and instructions on how to use. For more information, contact Steve Hart at Flying Butterfly ( for specific details at 321-258-8132.
Butterfly Balloons:  Another easy way to participate is to release white balloons that have the CERN awareness butterfly printed on them. You can order these balloons in bulk as part of your own fundraiser, or simply to release on Ependymoma Awareness Day to remember a loved one or to show your support. 


We are excited that proclamations are coming in recognizing May 5, 2015 as Ependymoma Awareness Day
Thanks to all the CERN members, patients, caregivers and ependymoma community.
  • The City of Houston 
  • The State of Texas
Make sure your town, city or state is included this year! The CERN Foundation has created two fill-in-the-blank forms to help you obtain a proclamation where you live! Download the sample proclamation or sample letter to send to your elected officials. 

Ependymoma Awareness Day T-shirts

Submit your very own quote about hope to go on the 2015 Ependymoma Awareness Day t-shirt!
The winner will be announced next week. A free digital download of the t-shirt artwork will be available as well as an opportunity to purchase. E-mail your quote to us
For questions about Ependymoma Awareness Day, contact the CERN Foundation at 713-794-1727 or by e-mail.

Create Awareness Where You Live!

On a local level, we urge you to participate in an ependymoma awareness activity, helping to create a greater understanding of the disease.
You could support awareness in the following ways:
  • Share information on ependymoma with another person who has never heard of it!
  • Tell your doctor and healthcare providers about Ependymoma Awareness Day!
  • Document your awareness efforts on your Facebook page, Twitter account or blog and use the hashtag #CERNbutterfly!
  • Educate colleagues, co-workers, school groups and congregations!
  • Order and wear an ependymoma awareness lapel pin!
  • Release white butterfly balloons with the CERN awareness butterfly logo printed on them!
  • Seek recognition from your local government or ministry of health!
  • Raise funds to help with research!
  • Create your own Awareness Day event!
For more ideas, read how others around the world have commemorated Ependymoma Awareness Day
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