5 Habits of Happy, Healthy Travelers
Fun. Relaxing. Exciting. These words describe a summer vacation. However, a long trip or a plane flight gone wrong can turn into a not so pleasant experience. With a little planning, you can detour a vacation roadblock with these five tips that will make sure you and your family are happy and healthy travelers. 
Stretch Your Legs
If you’re on the road for more than five or six hours, you and especially your kids will get restless. “Take a break at least every two hours,” said T. Glenn Pait, M.D. “This will allow your child a chance to stretch, eat a snack, have a diaper change or go to the restroom.” Make the break fun and take along a picnic lunch you can eat outside.
Choose Meals Wisely 
If you want to stay happy and healthy on vacation, choosing foods that will make your body happy and healthy are important. You’re on vacation and will want to try the local restaurants, but think smart. Portion control is important and will help you avoid feeling bloated. Try ordering an appetizer and a salad or two appetizers for a meal. Ask if you can order the child’s meal, and opt for fruit for dessert.
Don’t Forget Water Bottles
Many times when we think we need food, what we need is water. Dehydration can lead to fatigue and overeating and it’s easy to get dehydrated when riding in a vehicle or plane. Make it a point to keep a bottle with you and fill up when you can.
Hit the Pavement
Are you going to vacation in a tourist town? If so, you may be staying close to restaurants and shopping areas. Instead of hopping in your car to go places, put on your tennis shoes and walk to your destination to get some endorphins. You may run into some adventures on foot that you would have never experienced in the car. If you’re in the mountains, take advantage of nature and scale a peak.  If you’re at the beach, take an early morning walk on the shoreline.
International Travel: Be Prepared
Are you going overseas on vacation? If so, you will want to be a little more prepared in case you get sick. “Most travel-related sickness and injury can be prevented if you follow certain guidelines when you travel abroad this summer,” Pait said. “Take along a summary of your medical history. Find out ahead of time how your health insurance handles medical care when you travel abroad.”
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