Charity Funds Drive Ependymoma Research
Charity Funds Drive Ependymoma Research
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Charity Funds Drive Ependymoma Research

CERN Tissue Samples Used to Analyze the Impact of Surgery and Radiation on Ependymoma

Ependymoma is the third most common brain tumor in children. The current therapy for posterior fossa ependymoma in children is surgery followed by radiation therapy. The posterior fossa is a small space in the skull, found near the brainstem and cerebellum. Previous clinical trials have failed to reveal if their is a clear survival benefit for chemotherapy over surgery and radiation alone.
Four groups of posterior fossa ependymoma samples, including samples from the CERN Foundation’s tissue repository, were profiled. Researchers found the most impactful biomarker for posterior fossa ependymoma is molecular subgroup affiliation.
To read the Journal of Clinical Oncology Article, click here.
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RCD Foundation Supports Two
Substantial CERN Foundation Projects

The Robert Connor Dawes (RCD) Foundation honors a bright, clever and gifted teen, who passed away after a 16-month journey with anaplastic ependymoma.
“Connor had an amazing life, but he was also robbed of his chance to live his life,” says Liz Dawes, Connor’s mother. So within weeks of his passing, the Dawes family started the RCD Foundation in his honor. And they knew exactly where the funds should go.
“After Connor passed, it just made sense to learn more about and support CERN’s projects,” Liz says.
With Connor in mind, the family is helping fund two substantial projects led by Terri Armstrong, Ph.D., head of Patient Outcomes and Symptom Management projects for the CERN Foundation.
The first project is the re-printing of the one-of-a-kind Ependymoma Guide. It is a “soup to nuts” primer on every aspect of ependymoma – from diagnosis to treatments and how to manage symptoms through each phase of care. 
The RCD Foundation is also supporting to the CERN Foundation’s Risk Project, which intends to answer the one question that plagues most all patients: Why did this happen to me?
“We are excited about this project because parents are really interested in the why,” Liz says. “We want our money to drive more and better research. And to energize scientists to collaborate. Ependymoma is not going to be cured in one country or in one lab.”
Ependymoma Guide

Pre-order A FREE Ependymoma Guide

We are in the process of completing the second edition of our Ependymoma Guide to provide you with the basic facts surrounding ependymoma, its diagnosis and treatment.
If you would like to pre-order a copy of the guide, send the following information to Your name, mailing address, phone or e-mail. Indicate if you would like a pdf or mailed copy.
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