DECEMBER 19, 2019
Bid to loosen rules on mid-level providers [in Georgia] draws legislative debate (includes quote by MAG President Andrew Reisman, M.D.)
Georgia Health News
A Georgia Senate study committee is recommending some changes in the state’s strict rules governing advanced practice nurses and physician assistants. READ MORE
Board launches effort to deliver medical marijuana to Georgia patients
The Atlanta-Journal Constitution
A new government board started setting up ways to distribute medical marijuana oil in Georgia on Wednesday, an effort to provide access to the drug to patients who are already allowed to use it. | READ MORE
Appeals court strikes [ACA] mandate, sends case back to lower court
The Hill
A federal appeals court on Wednesday ruled that ObamaCare's individual mandate is unconstitutional but punted on the larger question of what it means for the rest of the health law. | READ MORE
[ACA] sign-up deadline is extended following glitches
Associated Press
People will get more time to sign up for “Obamacare” health insurance, the Trump administration announced Monday, following a spate of computer glitches over the weekend. | READ MORE
Georgia-based health insurance alternative faces probes
The Atlanta-Journal Constitution
As open enrollment closes for plans sold on Affordable Care Act exchanges, most people will be able to get premiums that are subsidized and affordable, or even cost nothing at all. But those who face the brutal full cost of premiums are looking for alternatives. One of them is health sharing. | READ MORE
[Gov.] Kemp’s emergency action to bring 30-bed mobile unit to Grady
Georgia Health News
Gov. Brian Kemp declared a state of emergency Friday over flood damage at Grady, which will speed the transfer of a 30-bed mobile unit to the Atlanta hospital. | READ MORE
Georgia, DeKalb could lose nearly $500,000 in federal HIV prevention funding
Close to one-third of a $1.5 million federal grant meant to fund HIV prevention efforts in DeKalb County could go unspent by an end-of-the-year deadline, state records show. | READ MORE
New Northside Hospital facility near Mall of Georgia moves forward
The Atlanta-Journal Constitution
Gwinnett commissioners approved Tuesday night the zoning changes necessary for Northside Hospital to build a large new medical facility near the Mall of Georgia. | READ MORE
More physicians being sued by patients they’ve never treated
AMA Wire
Can physicians be held liable in cases in which they’ve never treated the patients experiencing the adverse outcome? That’s a question that is increasingly being put before the courts, and one explored during a recent education session held by the Litigation Center of the American Medical Association and state medical societies. | READ MORE
Survey: Gender discrimination [within medical profession] remains widespread
MedPage Today
A new survey found that most female physicians have experienced gender discrimination, and most believe they are paid less than equally qualified male physicians. | READ MORE
Declining numbers of Americans have a primary care provider
In a little over a decade, the number of patients in the U.S. with primary care providers dropped by 2%, a new study finds. | READ MORE
Study estimates that half of U.S. adults will be obese by 2030
Associated Press
There’s no way to sugarcoat this news: Nearly half of American adults will be obese within a decade and one-quarter will be severely so, a new report predicts. | READ MORE
Plan to import cheaper Canadian drugs advances under [President] Trump
Associated Press
The Trump administration, eager to show progress on prescription drug costs, on Wednesday moved forward with its plan to allow Americans to safely and legally get access to lower-priced medicines from abroad. | READ MORE
U.S. proposes new rules to increase organ transplants
Associated Press
The U.S. government is overhauling parts of the nation’s transplant system to make sure organs from the dead no longer go to waste – and to make it easier for the living to donate. | READ MORE
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