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November 2022

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Take 10 Minutes to Complete Your Annual Ethics Training Today

It’s that time of year again: holidays, the end of a busy semester, use-or-lose leave. Amidst the hustle and bustle, don’t forget to complete your annual ethics training. It’s due by December 23, 2022. The good news: for most employees (everyone except administrators*) it will only take about 10 minutes to complete.
The FY23 required ethics training for all employees is an Ethics Self-Reflection Questionnaire (“ESQ” for short). What is the ESQ? It’s a tool to help you think about how to embody the College's ethical values in your everyday actions at work. The ESQ presents examples of workplace behavior and asks you to indicate how well your actions align with each example.
You can access the ESQ now. There are two versions available; you only need to complete one (complete the version is applicable to your role at the College):
The ESQ doesn’t store your responses or save data in any College system, so you are at liberty to think through and answer the questions candidly. Please enable pop-ups in your web browser before you begin—this will allow the ESQ to generate customized feedback and a certificate of completion for you.
For questions about the FY23 ethics training requirement, please contact our office at 240-567-7396 or With a training as brief as this, there’s no reason to delay!
* In addition to the ESQ, administrators also must complete the Navigating Ethical Dilemmas course. See the Required Training webpage for more details.
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Title IX: Mamava Lactation Suites

Montgomery College has Mamava lactation suites for mothers to nurse their babies or to express breast milk. The Mamava lactation suite locator "Mamava On-the-Go" is a free app that enables users to find the closest Mamava or other public nursing room. The College's four lactation suites are visible on the app.
  • Germantown: SA 191A
  • Rockville: SC 189A
  • Takoma Park/Silver Spring: CM 192A and CF 296A
Mothers who are pumping or breast feeding will need to self-identify to the Title IX coordinator Kristen Roe for access. After a brief intake with the Title IX coordinator, a request is sent to Facilities to have their ID card reprogrammed for access to the specific campus lactation suite. Use of the Mamava is first come, first served. Mothers are responsible for their own pump, ice packs for storage, and paper products. Users should report to the Title IX coordinator any sanitation or safety issues observed with the suite so that it can be addressed.
If a student, faculty, staff, or guest requires immediate access to a Mamava suite, they should call Public Safety, 240-567-3333, to request that the suite be opened.
For more information contact our Title IX Coordinator Kristen Roe at 240-567-4279 or the Compliance Office at 240-567-7396.
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Employee Accessibility Survey: Make Your Voice Heard

The Employee Accessibility Survey has launched. All employees are asked to complete the survey by Friday, December 9.
An email with a link to the Employee Accessibility Survey with a unique password was sent to all employees on November 9. The survey will take about 10 minutes.
To support employees in answering freely, the College has engaged a third-party research partner, Benesch, to administer the survey and assure anonymity.
The Employee Accessibility Survey is an integral part of the College’s ADA Self-Evaluation. A self-evaluation is a public entity’s evaluation of everything, including its programs, services, and activities; facilities; and current policies, practices, and procedures for employees, students, and visitors to determine how well they meet the needs of individuals with disabilities. Responses to the survey will be used to develop a transition plan to help the College address identified barriers to accessibility that are inconsistent with ADA Title II requirements.
The ADA Self-Evaluation supports the College’s efforts on equity and inclusion by assessing and measuring the progress toward the full inclusion of persons with disabilities at Montgomery College.
Questions about the survey can be directed to or
Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters. Quote by Albert Einstein
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Common Holiday Phishing Attacks

Cyber criminals are especially active during the festive season. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it is the perfect time for them to strike. As we are thinking about family, time off, and gifts, we may pay less attention to the many emails we receive—order confirmations, promotional offers, and eCards. This is when cyber criminals try to lure you into action. #BeCyberSmart Don’t be a victim. Check these holiday phishing scams.
Please contact IT Security for more information.
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And the Winner is...

Congratulations to Laura Weihrauch, winner of our Compliance and Ethics Awareness Week drawing! Thank you to all who submitted their answers and engaged in our daily challenges. We hope you enjoyed the week of information and activities. Let us know what you would like to see for next year’s Compliance and Ethics Awareness Week.
Cartoon that reads: Technology has brough us many wondrous things these past few years, dozens of new communication devices, scores of new gadgets, and hundreds of new ethical dilemmas.
Cover of MC's 2022 Annual Security Report

Annual Security Report (Clery Act)

The College’s Annual Security Report is now available. Check it out to find the latest information on crimes on our campuses, emergency operations, and crime prevention tips.
If you wish to have a hard copy of the report, please contact the Office of Public Safety, Health, and Emergency Management at 240-567-2033.
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