February 2022
Now's the time to spring into action
Grace period for corrections
to FY 2019 ends June 30
Each year, TRSL identifies records on each reporting agency’s Questionable Years (QY) Report that require employer certification or correction. It’s very important to regularly review your agency’s QY report and certify/correct questionable years within three years. Here’s why…
Any corrections for fiscal years greater than three years old that result in an increase in service credit could result in an actuarial cost to the employer (LSA-R.S. 11:888 and LSA-R.S. 11:158).
You still have time to correct records for fiscal year 2019 without incurring an actuarial cost. The deadline is June 30, 2022.
Have questions about the actuarial cost process?
  • Contact Jeff George, Retirement Benefits Supervisor, at 225-925-1887.
Need assistance correcting questionable years?


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Shed some light on primary vs. secondary employment and Form 1099 payments
Confused about secondary enrollment criteria? Not sure when an employee’s Form 1099 payments need to be reported to TRSL? To address some common questions we’ve received about those very topics, TRSL recently updated Index 2.0 and Index 4.0 of the Employer Procedures Manual to include detailed guidance on these issues.
  • In Index 2.0, review the “Primary vs. Secondary Employment” table on page 7.
    You’ll find expanded information and guidelines to help you determine eligibility for part-time, seasonal, or temporary employees.
  • In Index 4.0, refer to the bulleted list of earnings reportable and not reportable to TRSL (pages 3-4). This includes helpful information on Form 1099 payments.
NOTE: Primary/secondary criteria and Form 1099 payment information apply to TRSL non-retirees only. If the employee is a TRSL return-to-work (RTW) retiree, see Indexes 15.0,15.1, and 15.2 of the Employer Procedures Manual.
Questions about enrollments and reporting?
Expanded options for online salary/ORP entry
Employers with 100 (or fewer) employees can now submit monthly salaries and contributions (for Regular Plan and ORP employees) by file transfer protocol (FTP) or through EMIS (manual entry). Previously, only employers with 25 or fewer employees had this capability. (TRSL Administrative Code, Title 58: Part III, Chapter 1)
If you already have access to the manual entry, no further action is required. If you would like to designate personnel with this expanded access, please submit a new Authorized Contacts (Form 1):
  • You do not have to relist all of your current contacts, but make sure to check all applicable online access rights for the new employees listed.
  • Please note that Form 1 must be submitted as an original, so you will need to mail it to TRSL. Questions about Form 1? Contact Paula Rhodes at 225-925-7863.
If you have any questions about salary reporting, please contact your assigned liaison.
Register today for TRSL's annual training
Whether you’re new to retirement or an old pro, we have the perfect training for you! TRSL’s Annual Employer Training is loaded with information that provides answers to common questions on everything from routine reporting procedures to return-to-work issues.
Just like last year, we will conduct all training sessions virtually via GoToWebinar. You will have the flexibility of attending the entire session or just the topics you’re interested in... right from your desk.
Just like our membership, our employers have different needs. That’s why we customize the trainings based on employer type—K-12 & charter schools, higher education, and state agencies. We’ll cover topics relevant to you, and skip the ones that don’t apply.
Click the appropriate employer type below to register today:
Tuesday, March 15
In addition to K-12 and charter school employers, lab schools and state-run schools, such as Thrive Academy and NOCCA, are encouraged to attend this training. (LSERS will conduct the afternoon session through the same link.)
Wednesday, March 16
This session is designed for institutions of higher education. (Information for lab schools will be covered in the K-12 & charter schools session, so universities with lab schools are encouraged to register for both sessions.)
Thursday, March 17
This session is for state agencies (as well as boards and commissions) with employees who elected to retain membership in TRSL.
Once you're registered, you'll receive an email from GoTo with instructions on how to join the webinar at the scheduled date and time. You'll also receive a reminder email the day before the webinar. 
Legislative session just around the corner
The 2022 Regular Legislative Session begins Monday, March 14. As always, we'll monitor bills affecting TRSL and its members and keep you informed of significant action.
To stay informed, be sure to check the Legislation page of our website for timely updates to the status of bills throughout the session, which ends on June 6.
Big year for active member elections:
Qualifying underway for FOUR positions
This year, TRSL will hold elections for FOUR active member seats on the TRSL Board of Trustees:
  • District 1: Represents active members employed in Ascension, Jefferson, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, St. Charles, St. James, and St. John parishes
  • District 7: Represents active members employed in Acadia, Calcasieu, Cameron, Iberia, Lafayette, St. Mary, and Vermilion parishes
  • Superintendents: Represents active members employed as city or parish school superintendent
  • Colleges & universities: Represents active members employed in higher education
Click the links below to view eligibility requirements and qualifying instructions for each seat. The deadline to qualify as a candidate is 4:30 p.m., Friday, April 29.
In August, eligible voters in each district will receive ballot and voting information for elections that end on Thursday, September 8.
District 1
District 7
Colleges & universities
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